Graduate Students Doing Neuroanthropology

Moose in PoolOver the coming days I will put up posts from my Spring 2014 Neuroanthropology course. All my graduate students did a great job!

Topics to be covered:

Craft Beer
Sensory Anthropology
The Adolescent Brain
Embodiment and Yoga
Adult Learning Cross-Culturally
Vision and Visual Anthropology
Cultural Evolution

The students put a lot of time and effort into developing these posts. The way I approached this assignment built on my previous work with students posts: (1) come up with a topic (for both a post and a final paper), (2) write an initial draft, focusing on developing an argument and covering research, (3) after feedback from me, produce an improved draft that also incorporates links, media, and the like, and (4) get the post online and make final improvements.

The students then wrote a longer research-based final paper on the same topic as their blogpost. Many of them commented on how doing the post made their final papers better – they had a better idea of what they wanted to write about, had time to process some initial ideas, and were familiar with the research already. Similar to what has happened with some guest posts on Somatosphere becoming published peer-reviewed papers, I expect several of these posts to go another step as students submit their work to relevant journals for publication.

Look for these posts from these emerging scholars over the coming days!


Image Credit: The Sun Is Out, From Aunt Bea Tumblr. For whatever reason, I wanted a moose picture today. And then I found the whole subgenre of “moose in pools“…

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