What we can learn from a PLOS Medicine study of antidepressants and violent crime

Update October 1 7:58 PM: note the inaccuracy that I correct in response to a comment by DJ Jaffe, for which I am thankful. An impressively large-scale study published in PLOS Medicine of the association between antidepressants and violent crime … Continue reading »

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The Mess That Trials Stopped Early Can Leave Behind

    Many trials end with a whimper. But some end with a bang. Press release, press conference, lots of fanfare – and backlash. The drama of another clinical trial being stopped early burst into public view this month. This time it … Continue reading »

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Coop’s Scoop: Citizen Science at the White House

This past Wednesday, Pope Francis visited the White House. This Wednesday, it’s my turn. Although I won’t be welcomed by throngs of people, the under-tapped capabilities of throngs of people is the reason I’ll be there, along with two others … Continue reading »

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That All-Nighter is not without Neuroconsequences

By Emilie Reas, PLOS Neuroscience Community Editor As you put the finishing touches on your paper, you notice the sun rising and fantasize about crawling in bed. Your vision and hearing are beginning to distort and the words staring back … Continue reading »

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#2015SVP Call for Contributors!

Are you active on social media platforms (such as blogging or Twitter), love paleontology, attending the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology meeting, and want to be more involved here in the PLOS Paleo Community? Here’s your chance! The annual Society of … Continue reading »

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Mapping obesity and poverty in the United States

  More than one in three adults in America are obese (1). The prevalence of obesity grew dramatically throughout the 1990s, and has slowly levelled off over the early 2000s. Obesity is one of the biggest and most controversial public … Continue reading »

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iGEM 2015 weekend competition begins with PLOS announcement

By Grant Vousden-Dishington, PLOS Synbio Community Blogger The 2015 iGEM Giant Jjamboree began with an opening ceremony on September 25th, during which PLOS announced its new joint-venture with the iGEM organization. “We are very excited to work with IGEM,” said PLOS ONE … Continue reading »

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A new role for an old Alzheimer’s-related protein

A new role for an old Alzheimer’s-related protein Loss of memory is a well-established symptom of Alzheimer’s disease. Also, cognitive impairment and personality changes are also observed in these patients [1]. Many studies investigating the causes of Alzheimer’s have focused … Continue reading »

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Drug price hikes: revolt on the way? Also, the Pope, climate change, and a super eclipse

WILL DARAPRIM DISPUTE TOPPLE DRUG PRICES? Will the rage over Martin Shkreli’s extortionate overpricing of the old reliable toxoplasmosis drug Daraprim trigger a rebellion over the cost of our medicines? That’s what Dan Diamond argues at Vox. He hails Shkreli … Continue reading »

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One more step along the long road towards brain-to-brain interfaces

Imagine being able to communicate with others through only your thoughts. No words, no signs are exchanged: only pure information travelling directly from one brain to another. Of course, that is the stuff of dreams and science-fiction flicks: in the … Continue reading »

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