Alcohol: breaking up is hard to do.

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There are many absurdities in society that we overlook or come to accept. For me, there are few though more absurd than our relationship with alcohol. Addictive, harmful, carcinogenic and associated with a raft of social, economic and health consequences …

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When Retroviral Research Goes Viral

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The PLOS Pathogens team reflects on their most widely shared article and the benefits and pitfalls of sharing science research on social media.

Social media has taken the science world by storm. Or maybe it’s the other way around; but …

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Black Pee Disease Offers New View of Arthritic Joints

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AlkaptonuriaA new cause of osteoarthritis identified by research on a rare disease,” ran the headline of a news release a few weeks ago. I was drawn to “rare disease,” even though I actually have osteoarthritis. When I read “alkaptonuria,” …

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Modelling cell interaction, deciding on optimal paths and tracking tumour evolution: The PLOS Comp Biol August Issue

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Here is our selection of PLOS Computational Biology highlights for August.

During the embryonic development of multicellular organisms, millions of cells cooperatively build structured tissues, organs and whole organisms, a process called morphogenesis. It is still not entirely understood …

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Further Integration: The latest update to the MHTF & PLOS Maternal Health Collection

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In November 2013, PLOS Medicine and the Maternal Health Task Force (MHTF) called for submissions to the third year of the MHTF-PLOS Collection on Maternal Health. Today we announce an exciting new update to the Year 3 Collection

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Asifa Majid on language and olfaction

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When I first ran across Asifa Majid’s  article with Ewelina Wnuk in Cognition, about how speakers of Maniq, a language indigenous to southern Thailand, have a vocabulary for talking about smell, I was taken aback. In anthropology, especially since …

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This week in PLOS Biology

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In PLOS Biology this week you can read about citizen science oceanography, de-differentiation and drug resistance in cancer, fine-tuning of DNA repair and action potential initiation in cortical neurons.

Crowdsourcing the Collection of Oceanographic Data

In a new Community …

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Time is of the essence: How to best spend 30 minutes for your health

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Today’s post comes from Jonathan Kurka and Matthew Buman, discussing a recent paper that they published in the American Journal of Epidemiology.  Below is a video of Dr Buman explaining the main findings of his study, which was recorded

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Citizen Science for the Classroom: Special Edition

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Your citizen science backpack is here!

Here are 10 citizen science projects you can use in your classroom. SciStarter’s Karen McDonald aligned them with the new Next Generation Science Standards!

Click the title of each project to link to detailed

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Detection by Dung: Don’t Eat the Brown Snow

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Researchers in Antarctica on a mission to locate penguin colonies found two groups of seabirds, thanks to a little help from satellites, helicopters, and the detection of more “primitive” evidence: penguin poop.

Our favorite tuxedo-clad Emperor penguin is native to …

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