Lab safety, smallpox and more virulent flu, marijuana benefits, plus headless, heedless, and clueless at Science

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Lab safety is even worse than you thought

The best single blog source for keeping up with the current smallpox-anthrax-flu-lab safety fiasco is Maryn McKenna’s Superbug, one of the Wired blogs.  Some recent posts:

About the cache of old vials …

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Vaccine Memories: From Polio to Autism

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Salk_Thank_You“April 15 – Polio Vaccine Perfected!!!!”

So wrote my mother in 1955, on the “Baby’s Health Record” page of my baby book. I unearthed it a few days ago while looking for some old writing clips.

Just a …

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Passion and 3D printers reinvent STEM learning

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Do the words “science class” evoke unhappy memories of struggling to memorize arcane facts unrelated to anything in the world you cared about? Did your teacher’s mastery of the science only accentuate how little you knew? If so, take heart.…

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Juice is not natural (!!!)

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orange juice

The health-impact of juice is a contentious issue. Yes, it’s full of vitamins and minerals. But it’s also full of sugar.  How much sugar?  The below graph compares the calories and sugar content in a 12-ounce can of Coca-Cola, Pepsi, …

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1 weird tip to not die of smallpox

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Sawbones is a hilarious podcast about the ways medicine has, historically, gone wrong. On long drives with nerdy friends, I whip out my phone and we consider which episode to listen to and laugh at: Leprosy? Trepanation? Bloodletting? Plague?

The …

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Exercise protects you from stress

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womenactiveThere are few of us who can honestly say they are not stressed out at least some of the time. Too much to do, not enough time, looming deadlines, financial concerns, health problems, etc. can all cause us to feel …

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Why young Americans aren’t using Obamacare

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The first open enrolment period for Obamacare ended this March. Despite the cringe-worthy ads, it was a success. 9.5 million Americans now have health insurance through the Affordable Care Act – a huge step forward for President Obama’s vision of …

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Hupehwhat? Finding a home for some unusually odd marine reptiles

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“Swimming sausage topped with armored mustard” is probably the best way to describe a hupehsuchian. These marine reptiles, known only from 248 million year old rocks in east-central China, were odd-balls at a time when a lot of odd-balls …

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Birth control, Hobby Lobby, and the war against women

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Anything left to be said about the US Supreme Court’s latest decisions about women?

The US Supreme Court finished out its term with decisions that were terrible for women. This piece concentrates on only one of them, Burwell v. Hobby …

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The Menopause Toolkit and Summer Sci-Fi

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eggsOne of the worst feelings a woman of a certain age can experience is when someone stupidly asks, “When is your baby due?” and points to the bulge that is not in fact a baby bump, but padding …

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