The problem with P values: defining clinical vs. statistical significance

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  Today we warmly welcome guest writer Sean Sinden to PLOS Public Health Perspectives. His biography is at the end of the post. The practice of null hypothesis testing has traditionally been used to interpret the results of studies in … Continue reading »

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Healthcare In Danger: what happens when it all goes wrong?

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This week on PLOS Translational Global Health, emergency physician and humanitarian & global health doctor, Jenny Jamieson, writes about some of the tacit dangers of delivering healthcare in low-resource settings. As healthcare workers, some of us travel to resource-limited settings … Continue reading »

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PLOS Computational Biology’s 10th Anniversary

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This post marks a very important date for PLOS Computational Biology and highlights how we are celebrating. Ten years ago, on June 24th 2005, the inaugural issue of PLOS Computational Biology was published, making this our 10th anniversary! To mark … Continue reading »

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Could the Pope’s Encyclical Push Public Opinion to Tipping Point on Climate?

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In the wake of last week’s release by Pope Francis of a radically comprehensive encyclical on the scientific causes and effects as well as the social, economic, and moral implications of climate change, PLOS BLOGS invited biophysicist-turned science communicator Nancy Vosnidou to examine its approach and scope … Continue reading »

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Citizen Science of the Deep Blue Sea

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For centuries, the lives of sailors were full of risks from shipwreck by storms, currents, and navigation of poorly charted waters. To cope with the risk, sailors believed in numerous omens that brought bad luck, like sharks and bananas or … Continue reading »

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I Know What You Think: Collective Intelligence in Online Communication

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Have you ever wondered what factors may shape the interactions we have in online chatrooms? With the advent of the Internet 20+ years ago, the ways in which we communicate have drastically changed, allowing us to easily interact nonverbally or … Continue reading »

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Does Big Grape Juice Control Nutrition Research? An Interview with Michele Simon

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Corporations cozying up to researchers create massive conflicts of interest. It’s an old story when the villain is a pharmaceutical company. But food companies need to make money too, and what better way than funding and publicizing research on their products? … Continue reading »

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“Just” Joking? Sexist Talk in Science

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    I’m a scientist who’s also a cartoonist. So I’ve got a pretty keen interest in scholarship and empirical research on humor. And I want to talk about research and sexist jokes, and where that leads. It’s a response to a narrative … Continue reading »

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Celebrate the Summer Solstice with Citizen Science!

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Our editors have selected some sizzling citizen science projects in celebration of Summer Solstice on June 21. Several are also appropriate for kids of all ages (keep those minds sharp over the summer break!). And…our friends at Mental Floss featured“15 Things … Continue reading »

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LAMP Diagnostics: The key to malaria elimination?

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By Patrick McCreesh Malaria elimination is possible within a generation. But controlling malaria and eliminating malaria are different, and each pose certain challenges. Overcoming the unique challenges of malaria elimination is essential to meeting this goal, and the barriers presented … Continue reading »

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