Did the FDA antidepressants warnings increased suicidality?

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A new study just published in the BMJ makes this very point.

bmj-logo-ogChanges in antidepressant use by young people and suicidal behavior after FDA warnings and media coverage: quasi-experimental study

The title makes two claims:

  1. That the  2003 black box
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Women and science writing

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Women in science writing

The Women in Science Writing: Solutions Summit last weekend at MIT was aimed at seeking ways of rooting out bias against and sexual harassment of women science writers. Here’s the conference Web site, with a …

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Mechanization, Automation, and the Future of Biological Research

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Much like a bicycle leverages mechanical advantage to propel a person much faster and further than on his or her own, automation machinery is amplifying both the speed and accuracy with which biological research can be conducted. Machines are precise …

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Too much sitting may increase cancer risk

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Lazy boyYou’ve heard it here more than once: sitting too much is bad for you. Unfortunately, much of our everyday life is comprised of prolonged sitting – from your car, to your desk, to your dining table, to your couch. There’s …

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Baby moa bones: more than meets the eye

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The name “moa” inevitably conjures up pictures of giant, lumbering bird-beasts, destined for extinction at the hands of humans. For fans of paleontological history, we usually recollect the grumpy looking Victorian era paleontologist Richard Owen, dwarfed by …

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Catching Up With 3 Rare Disease Families

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Four-year-old Eliza O’Neill’s viral videos, the subject of my last two blog posts, continue to dominate the news media with another appearance on The Today Show June 17. Hopefully, her family’s fight to fund gene therapy for her …

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Exercise is safe during pregnancy, but not enough docs know that.

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Pregnant women are getting the wrong messages on exercise—often because their doctors cling to old-fashioned ideas.

I was inspired to write about this after reading a post from another PLOS blog, Obesity Panacea, discussing whether exercise is safe for pregnant

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New Study: High Levels of Air Pollution Associated with Lower Levels of Physical Activity

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Today’s post comes from Dr Jennifer D Roberts.  You can find more on Jennifer at the bottom of this post.

Physical inactivity, ambient air pollution and obesity are modifiable risk factors for non-communicable diseases, with the first accounting for more …

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World Cup! Soccer or football! Turing Test & artificial intelligence!

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Soccer to ‘em

World Cup soccer/football blah blah blah, world’s most popular game blah blah blah, but Brazil deserves a World Cup for its performance in saving its Amazon rainforest and preventing carbon dioxide emissions, according to a paper …

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Eliza’s Journey: Part 2

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Gene therapy is, finally, about to take off! The feeling was palpable at the American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy annual meeting a few weeks ago. It’s been nearly a quarter century since the first experiment in humans.

The drug …

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