Understanding images: Keeping up in the wonderland of human evolution

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This continues our series of blog posts from PLOS Genetics about our monthly issue images. Author Laurent Duret talks about November’s image from their article, Lesecque et al.  Author: Laurent Duret Competing interests: Laurent Duret is an author of the article discussed … Continue reading »

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Our 200,000-Year-Old Ancestors: Neanderthal Bones in Northern France

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We often make new discoveries about our ancient ancestors and how they may have behaved, and we sometimes find the evidence right in their bones. For instance, researchers recently described how the jaw and teeth of a Neanderthal might suggest … Continue reading »

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Measuring the success of an online bioinformatics resource

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Like many other journals, PLOS Computational Biology aims to publish research that helps to further the field and develop the community that the journal serves. From time to time, however, we publish a paper that makes a significant impact not … Continue reading »

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Let’s Talk About Sex Workers: Achieving HIV Impact with focus on Delivery and Scale

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Coinciding with World AIDS Day 2014, PLOS launches a new collection on the sexual health of Sex Workers. With a special focus on the delivery and scale of HIV prevention and treatment programmes, this collection calls to alleviate the risk … Continue reading »

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Maintaining health literacy through being web-savvy and culturally engaged

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Note: The research discussed on the blog today is work from my PhD dissertation, which was published last week and covered by several media outlets online. It was originally blogged about on the Health Behaviour Research Centre ‘Health Chatter’ blog. … Continue reading »

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Give the Gift of Paleoart!

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One of my favorite things about the Internet Age, among many favorite things, is the way in which it facilitates access to some incredible paleontology-themed art. The talented artists who illustrated the dinosaurs of my childhood reached their audiences through … Continue reading »

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Nailing a New Niche of Stem Cells

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If my mother-in-law hadn’t just yanked off a toenail, I might not have noticed the news release from researchers at the University of Southern California’s Stem Cell Regenerative Medicine Initiative. Their elegant experiments in mice reveal the heretofore unknown collection … Continue reading »

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How many calories do you burn by laughing?

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I have been drawn to sketch comedy since my early teens. I religiously watched every episode of In Living Colour and Saturday Night Live (SNL) and subsequently tried to re-enact some of the scenes and characters with my friends. During … Continue reading »

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A Fabulous Menu of Citizen Science for Thanksgiving

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We’ve updated and reposted this Thanksgiving Day treat,  from Lily Bui! Dig into this serving of Thanksgiving projects with your friends and family! Western Monarch Thanksgiving Count Help researchers take census of winter Monarch butterflies. Count Monarchs in colonies, during the … Continue reading »

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Exercise physiologist needed

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The Department of Applied Human Sciences at the University of Prince Edward Island is looking for a CSEP Certified Personal Trainer or Certified Exercise Physiologist to coordinate labs in biomechanics and exercise physiology this winter (a BSc is required, an … Continue reading »

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