Torture and psychologists; picture the universe with Hubble and Webb telescopes

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The worst bioethics scandal of the 21st century (to date) We may have to wait until its own official independent report in June to know for sure whether the American Psychological Association really did collude with the Central Intelligence Agency … Continue reading »

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Restoring vision with a new optogenetic tool

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Millions of people worldwide suffer from progressive degeneration of the eye’s photoreceptors (the light-sensing cells), leading ultimately to blindness. A recent therapeutic approach for restoring vision in blind retinas involves introducing light-sensing proteins into surviving retinal cells that normally cannot sense light, … Continue reading »

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Gene Therapy for Blindness Works!

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The news this week presented at a major vision conference and published in The New England Journal of Medicine about gene therapy to treat childhood blindness paints an unnecessarily grim picture. Because I wrote a book about it and know affected families, … Continue reading »

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Recent Changes to the PLOS Journal Web Sites

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PLOS has recently updated the navigation and layout of our guidelines and policy pages across all seven of our journal web sites. These changes were made to enhance user experience and make sure our content is as helpful as possible … Continue reading »

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MSF Scientific Day 2015: a conference without borders

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Sarah Venis, Research Coordinator at Médecins Sans Frontières, highlights the topics at the 2015 MSF Scientific Day, May 7th and 8th in London and New Delhi. At the time of writing, the West Africa Ebola epidemic at last appears to be under control, … Continue reading »

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The ‘autism epidemic': increasing cases or increasing diagnoses?

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 An interesting new study was recently published in the British Medical Journal about the ‘autism epidemic’ we have been experiencing in recent years (1). The Swedish authors of the study used data from children born between 1993 and 2002 to … Continue reading »

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Delusional? Trial in Lancet Psychiatry claims brief CBT reduces paranoid delusions

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In this issue of Mind the Brain, I demonstrate a quick assessment of the conduct and reporting of a clinical trial.  The authors claimed in Lancet Psychiatry a “first ever” in targeting “worries” with brief cognitive therapy as a way … Continue reading »

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Next Generation Science Communicators

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Experience in presenting research findings and participating in the scientific dialogue are important aspects to the professional development of researchers early in their careers. Advancing scientific discovery relies on scientists at all career levels to clearly communicate their results, their … Continue reading »

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Re-launching the PLOS Student Blog & Introducing Travel Awards!

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Hi PLOS readers! My name is Sara Kassabian, and I am a Masters candidate in the Global Health Sciences program at University of California San Francisco. I recently joined the PLOS community as Social Media Coordinator, and I’m pleased to … Continue reading »

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PLOS ONE Update on Peer Review Process

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There has been a great deal of community discussion in the last few days about a referee report that was sent to an author at PLOS ONE a few weeks ago. The report contained objectionable language, and the authors were … Continue reading »

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