Why does eating red meat elevate breast cancer risk, especially for young women on the pill?

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  The answer to that question is unknown, although it may have its origins in the underbelly of the American food system. Let us unravel how red meat consumption may be associated with breast cancer risk. The U.S. Nurses’ Health … Continue reading »

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Human rights and Ebola: the issue of quarantine

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The Ebola virus is posing challenging questions around the human rights of patients and health workers alike – and this isn’t the first time such questions have arisen. This week on PLOS TGH, Doctor/Lawyer and Harvard MPH Candidate Fiona Lander … Continue reading »

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Fecal Matters: A Stepping Stool to Understanding Indigenous Cultures

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Humans differ by opinions, traits, and baseball team preferences. But one constant factor unifies all humans–we excrete feces, and scientists have recognized that number 2 is number 1 in terms of material for ancient population studies. Humans expel hundreds of … Continue reading »

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This week in PLOS Biology

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In PLOS Biology this week, you can read research articles about the regulation of glial cell activation, zinc regulation in E. coli and a new regulator of Wg/Wnt signalling. Also read articles from our magazine section on parasite tolerance, informal … Continue reading »

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@PLOSNTDs Dispatches from #TropMed14 Day 2: The Face of Chagas

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Continuing PLOS NTDs community coverage of the annual ASTMH meeting. Here, from Day 2. [View the story "@PLOSNTDs Dispatches from #TropMed14: #FaceofChagas & more on Ebola" on Storify]

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@PLOSNTDs Dispatches from #TropMed14: Bill Gates & Ebola Travel Ban

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Continuing coverage from the PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) community attending this week’s ASTMH meeting in New Orleans.   [View the story "@PLOSNTDs Dispatches from #TropMed14: Bill Gates & Ebola Travel Ban" on Storify]

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How do you DO data?

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We all know that data are important for research. So how can we quantify that? How can you get credit for the data you produce? What do you want to know about how your data is used? If you are a … Continue reading »

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EMA’s Release of Regulatory Data: Possible Fall out for Journals and Research Synthesis

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On 2 October the European Medicines Agency’s (EMA) published the final version of its policy on prospective release of clinical study reports (CSRs) of trials submitted by sponsors in support of Marketing Authorisation Applications (MAAs). I have summarized its content … Continue reading »

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Halloween Citizen Science in the Classroom: Answer the Bat Call!

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Editor’s Note: This post is part of our Citizen Science in the Classroom Series where we explore the use of citizen science projects to teach science in the classroom by aligning them with Common Core and Next Generation STEM standards … Continue reading »

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Lost in Fathoms: Art, Science and the Anthropocene

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Once upon a time, artist Anais Tondeur, in collaboration with Professor Jean-Marc Chomaz embarked on a research project to explore the fate of an island called Nuuk. Its disappearance beneath the surface of the North Atlantic Ocean in 2012 interestingly … Continue reading »

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