Coop’s Scoop: Tweeting about Spring Citizen Science

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With the occurrence of the spring equinox, there are many cultural and religious celebrations of life, renewal, bounty, and freedom. Over 300 million people celebrate the Persian festival of Nowruz. In South Asia, there are festivals for Chaitra Sukladi, Ugadi, … Continue reading »

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Journey North: Tracking the Stories of Survival with Citizen Science

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It was a crisp morning following a cold night in Goleta’s Coronado Monarch Butterfly Preserve. As Luke crossed a beam that had been dropped across a swampy area, he looked up at the Eucalyptus grove and sighed quietly. “Where are … Continue reading »

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Apple Watch ResearchKit ethics, NYT flubs cellphone risks, scientists urge halt to human genome work

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An Apple all day keeps the doctors monitoring you 24/7 I wasn’t paying much attention to the miasma emanating from last week’s Apple presentation, which seemed to consist entirely of The Watch and its astonishing pricing. So the news about … Continue reading »

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Finding our origins: The Genographic Project uses genetics to map the past

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Have you ever tried tracing back your family tree only to get stuck at great great Grandpa Jim? Are you curious about who your ancestors were and where they might have come from? If so, you’ll definitely want to check … Continue reading »

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The Oral Microbiota Affects More Than Just the Mouth

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For World Oral Health Day, Lily Berrin, daughter of a periodontist and dental hygienist, highlights recent PLOS Pathogens content to remind us that oral pathogens do more than just cause cavities. There is more going on behind that smile than … Continue reading »

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Engaging the Public on Global Health

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In the wake of Ebola, Sara Gorman (@saragorm) discusses the need to keep the general public engaged and informed on global health issues. A simple Google AdWords search of Ebola keyword searches in the past twelve months in the U.S. … Continue reading »

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Universal Newborn Genome Sequencing and Generation Alpha

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Imagine the day that genome sequencing of all newborns begins. Instantly two cohorts of people will form: the expanding youngest, with a tremendous amount of personal information stored on a cloud, and the shrinking rest of us, with little knowledge … Continue reading »

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Repost: Claire Underwood From Netflix’s House of Cards: Narcissistic Personality Disorder?

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Last month, Netflix released Season 3 of House of Cards. In light of this, I am reposting a blog I wrote about the second season of the series last year: “Claire Underwood From Netflix’s House of Cards: Narcissistic Personality Disorder?”   … Continue reading »

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The Next Big Drug Discovery Could Come From a Scoop of Soil in Your Backyard

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Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Dr Robert H. Cichewicz. Director of the University of Oklahoma, Institute for Natural Products Applications and Research Technologies (INPART). Dr Cichewicz leads the Citizen Science Soil Collection Program which is focused on translating natural products into … Continue reading »

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Reflecting on the Maternal Health Collections

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In celebration of the MHTF-PLOS Maternal Health collaboration we take a look back through the collections and highlight some of the most influential and interesting articles included in the collections. In November 2011, the Maternal Health Task Force (MHTF) and … Continue reading »

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