The Trouble with Transparency

Last week we posted an article by two journalists, Paul D. Thacker and Charles Seife, who argued that the integrity of the scientific and medical literature depends on protecting tools that ensure greater transparency about financial ties to industry that … Continue reading »

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By how much does light alcohol consumption increase cancer risk?

The relationships between alcohol and long-term health outcomes such as cardiovascular disease and cancer are controversial and confusing. Regular alcohol consumption has been associated with increased risks for many cancers, including breast, colorectal, stomach, liver, prostate, esophageal, and pharyngeal cancers … Continue reading »

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Legionnaire’s in 2015: Cutting Edge Research Clashing with Public Health Unpreparedness

By Meredith Wright In 1976, the American Legion, a veterans group still active today, met in Philadelphia, PA for a three-day convention. Shortly after the convention ended many of the Legionnaires became ill. By the end of the outbreak, 182 … Continue reading »

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Make a Difference by Counting Croaks

This is an except of a story that ran in the February 2015 issue of Association of Zoos and Aquariums monthly magazine, Connect. Looking for amphibious citizen science projects? Look no further! SciStarter has some lined up for you right here. … Continue reading »

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Crowdsourcing a Language for the Lab

Neither human nor machine communication can happen without language standards. Advancing science and technology demands standards for communication, but also adaptability to enable innovation. ResourceMiner is an open-source project attempting to provide both. From Gutenberg’s invention of the printing press … Continue reading »

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Are You Up for an Innovation Challenge?

Guest post by Carrie Freeman In the new world of Big Data, we’ve learned how to acquire great data, but we’re still struggling with accessing it, understanding it, and putting it to work. That’s especially true with environmental data, where … Continue reading »

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Pinker’s gene editing rant ignored most bioethics issues; debunking stoner Shakespeare

Do you suppose Steven Pinker’s broadside against professional bioethics oversight of CRISPR and other forms of gene editing–Pinker’s command to bioethics was brutally inflexible: “Get out of the way”–will change bioethics for the better? Or gene editing, for that matter? … Continue reading »

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In “My Virtual Dream”, art and science unite in unique study of neurofeedback

In 2013, art and science merged like never before at Toronto’s Nuit Blanche art festival when guests were given the opportunity to participate in an scientific experiment investigating neurofeedback. Following the initial success of the “My Virtual Dream” project, plans are being … Continue reading »

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Post Removed by PLOS – The Fight Over Transparency: Round Two

  Statement from PLOS: PLOS Blogs is, and will continue to be, a forum that allows scientists to debate controversial topics. However, given additional information for further inquiry and analysis, PLOS has determined that the Biologue post that had occupied this … Continue reading »

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Disappearing Down Syndrome, Genetic Counseling, and Textbook Coverage

Last week, several people sent me a perspective piece by bioethicist Art Caplan in PLOS Biology, “Chloe’s Law: A Powerful Legislative Movement Challenging a Core Ethical Norm of Genetic Testing.” The concise and compelling article considers legislation to mandate that genetic … Continue reading »

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