An ‘apple a day’ keeps the prescription medications away?

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  Last week, a research article titled “Association between apple consumption and physician visits: appealing the conventional wisdom than an apple a day keeps the doctor away” was published online in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine. A great premise for … Continue reading »

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Exercise Physiologist Wanted

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The University of Prince Edward Island is currently looking for an exercise physiologist to join the Kinesiology program in the Department of Applied Human Sciences. From the posting: Candidates must have a doctoral degree in Kinesiology or related field, with … Continue reading »

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Brontosaurus thunders back!

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Pretty much every person who ever read a dinosaur book or went to a natural history museum learned that Brontosaurus is just an outdated name for a big long-necked dinosaur that should be called Apatosaurus. Two different names were applied to the … Continue reading »

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More herbal supplement regulation? Plus scientific April Foolery

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REGULATION OF HERBAL SUPPLEMENTS IS A SCAM. BUT YOU KNEW THAT. Steven Novella reports at Neurologica on a nice piece of investigative science journalism about government (non)regulation of the supplement industry at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. CBC researchers created a … Continue reading »

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Leroy Stevens: Fairwell to The Unsung Hero of Stem Cell Research

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Yesterday a Google Alert popped up with a blast from my past, an obituary for Jackson Lab researcher Leroy C. Stevens. It quoted me calling him “The unsung hero of stem cell research” in an article I wrote 15 years ago … Continue reading »

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Any Questions about our Data Policy?

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by PLOS Biology, PLOS Genetics and PLOS Computational Biology Publication is the end of one journey, but the beginning of another (longer) one, where the ideas and the underlying data that shaped them take on a life of their own. … Continue reading »

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Ready or Not: Here Come the Data

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Michael W. Painter of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation asks if you are ready for the data explosion in health care, and announces the release of the Foundation’s Data for Health Advisory Committee report. You are aware that your devices … Continue reading »

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Monarch Larva Monitoring Project Helps Citizen Scientists Build Connections to Nature

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This guest post by Eva Lewandowski describes her experiences with citizen scientists from the Monarch Larva Monitoring Project, which was featured in our recent Spring themed newsletter. Check out the rest of the projects on that list here. The Monarch … Continue reading »

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Study Report, Study Reality, and the Gap Between

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We take mental shortcuts about research reports. “I read a study,” we say. We don’t only talk about them as though they are the study – we tend to think of them that way, too. And that’s risky. Even the … Continue reading »

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Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro: A Personal Account (Part 2)

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Click here to read part 1 of this story. Like a procession of overdressed zombies holding walking poles, we’ve been staggering uphill on this loose volcanic rock since midnight. My watch reads 4:14am. Although our pace rivals that of a … Continue reading »

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