Groundbreaking Air Quality Study Demonstrates the Power of Citizen Science

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Editors Note: This is a guest post by Gwen Ottinger, Ph.D., an assistant professor in the Center for Science, Technology, and Society at Drexel University.  She has done extensive research on community-based air monitoring and community-industry relations around oil refineries.  She … Continue reading »

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Eman Reports From Ebola Ground Zero

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The last post here at DNA Science continued Emmanuel Gokpolu’s reporting from Ebola ground zero in Monrovia, and surrounding communities. The Ebola outbreak interrupted Eman’s medical education, so now he is teaching his people about strategies to minimize risk of infection. Eman … Continue reading »

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Protein structure prediction, pleiotropic patterns, and more: the PLOS Comp Biol October Issue

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Here are our highlights from October’s PLOS Computational Biology. Proteins execute many functions in the cell, and these biological functions are strongly linked to their three-dimensional structure. By constructing a probabilistic model for sequence variability, Erik Aurell and colleagues present … Continue reading »

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@PLOSNTDs Dispatches from #TropMed14 Day 3: Ebola Updates

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In a Storify summary of the third day of the ASTMH conference, tweets and blog posts from a morning press conference, then the main science session, both dealing with Ebola treatment, containment and prevention. [View the story “@PLOSNTDs Dispatches from … Continue reading »

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Make data sharing easy: PLOS launches its Data Repository Integration Partner Program

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Over the past couple of years, we’ve been improving data access in a number of ways, notably: unlocking content in SI files,connecting PLOS Biology and PLOS Genetics with Dryad data, and making data discoverable through figshare recommendations.  Our update to the PLOS data policy in … Continue reading »

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Re-examining Ellen Langer’s classic study of giving plants to nursing home residents

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 Memories of famous studies do not serve us well A journalist emailed me a request for an interview about the work of Ellen Langer. I was busy hopping from Leipzig to Istanbul and on to Groningen with undependable access to … Continue reading »

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Why does eating red meat elevate breast cancer risk, especially for young women on the pill?

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  The answer to that question is unknown, although it may have its origins in the underbelly of the American food system. Let us unravel how red meat consumption may be associated with breast cancer risk. The U.S. Nurses’ Health … Continue reading »

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Human rights and Ebola: the issue of quarantine

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The Ebola virus is posing challenging questions around the human rights of patients and health workers alike – and this isn’t the first time such questions have arisen. This week on PLOS TGH, Doctor/Lawyer and Harvard MPH Candidate Fiona Lander … Continue reading »

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Fecal Matters: A Stepping Stool to Understanding Indigenous Cultures

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Humans differ by opinions, traits, and baseball team preferences. But one constant factor unifies all humans–we excrete feces, and scientists have recognized that number 2 is number 1 in terms of material for ancient population studies. Humans expel hundreds of … Continue reading »

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This week in PLOS Biology

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In PLOS Biology this week, you can read research articles about the regulation of glial cell activation, zinc regulation in E. coli and a new regulator of Wg/Wnt signalling. Also read articles from our magazine section on parasite tolerance, informal … Continue reading »

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