Meta-Analyses of Genetic Association Studies – PLOS ONE’s Approach

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Meta-analysis can be a powerful way to reveal otherwise hidden or unclear associations, when done with care. In line with recent trends in biomedical literature (1), PLOS ONE has seen a consistent increase in submissions reporting meta-analyses of genetic association …

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There’s an App for That! Citizen Science at Your Fingertips

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If you think science is out of reach, think again! Here are some citizen science apps you’ll always have at your fingertips!

Screen shot 2014-04-04 at 11.07.22 AM


With this App from The Science Channel, you can spy on nature and contribute to science. Share …

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Students Aged 9 to 65+ Study PLOS Research in Marine Megafauna MOOC

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An amazingly diverse and far-flung group of 11,000 students signed up for Duke University’s massive open online course, Marine Megafauna: An Introduction to Marine Science and Conservationnow in its final week. In today’s guest post …

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Climate Change – Health Threat or Opportunity?

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This week, we support the great work of  The Global Climate and Health Alliance – in time for the release of the latest IPCC WG report. This infographic explains the major ideas and themes – we encourage you to

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That climate change report, Jane Goodall’s birth, and Richard III’s death

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Gloom and doom

As you probably know, the latest authoritative climate change report was released early this week to a world apparently too exhausted, or distracted, to take much interest in the upcoming calamities. Here’s the nut from Justin …

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Tackling Cholera in Haiti: A Multi-Faceted Approach

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The PLOS medical journals reflect on Haiti’s cholera epidemic, and the value of moving forward with an emphasis on holistic practice and research.

Almost three years ago, in May of 2011, PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases published a Viewpoints piece, Meeting

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ALS Treatment (in Cells) – Too Late for Glenn, But Wonderful News

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I was cutting and pasting a post about Sunday night’s episode of Call the Midwife, which was about cystic fibrosis, when a news release came in that brought me to tears.

Kevin Eggan and co-workers at the Harvard Stem Cell …

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The dynamical relationship of brain structure and function, environmental factors affecting autism and a budgie’s flight path: the PLOS Comp Biol March issue

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Here is our selection of highlights published in PLOS Computational Biology for March.

The relationship between brain structure and function is a central endeavour for neuroscience research, but the mechanisms that shape this relationship are highly debated. Authors Arnaud

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An Invitation to Contribute to the Second Life of the Synthetic Biology Collection

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Synthetic Biologist Dr. Jean Peccoud introduces a major rejuvenation of the PLOS Synthetic Biology Collection and calls on the community to lead the direction of the next update.

Since we launched the Synthetic Biology Collection in 2012, PLOS journals

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This week in PLOS Biology

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In PLOS Biology this week you can read about animals’ adaptability to climate change, generation of antibody diversity, age-related sleep problems, economic models of poverty and a new form of the yeast Candida albicans.


As the climate continues

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