UPDATED: RIP: The Knight Science Journalism Tracker & Robin Williams

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RIP Knight Science Journalism Tracker, sort of

UPDATE: The comments are piling up on the post announcing the Tracker’s end, 42 as I write, and they are 100% horrified.  I have asked Deb Blum and Wade Roush for …

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What’s the Buzz on Bee Pathogens?

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US National Honey Bee Day is August 16th. Read below for a selection of papers from PLOS Pathogens on honey bee decline in the world of pathogenesis. 

This post has been modified since its original posting on August 15, 2014. 

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Update: How Ebola Kills

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Eman’s emails arrive hours ahead of the news here. He wrote on Sunday, August 17:

“An Ebola quarantine site was  attacked and looted. News is that most of the patients have escaped. This is going to put more fear into

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Exploring a Culture of Health: Reimagining Medical and Health Education

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This post is part of Exploring a Culture of Health, a citizen science series brought to you by Discover Magazine, SciStarter and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, serving as an ally to help Americans work together to

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This Week in PLOS Biology

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In PLOS Biology this week you can read about a regulatory pathway in meiosis, genetic variability of avian influenza and ancient cell membranes.


Meiosis is a type of cell division which is essential for halving the number

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Reflections on feces and its synonyms

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As medical parasitologists we tend not to be too squeamish when discussing human feces. They represent one of the “five F’s” of parasitology – feces, fingers, flies, food, fomites – and indeed, most of the world’s poor living below the …

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Momentum growing in support of Creative Commons framework

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Last Thursday we published a letter with 57 other organisations calling on the International Association of Scientific, Technical and Medical Publishers to withdraw their model licences and work within the Creative Commons framework.

Since last Thursday, another 15 19 organisations have …

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You should workout in jeans (I do)

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At various points over the past few years, I have been fortunate to basically have a gym as my office.  I’ve worked near treadmills, exercise bikes, light free weights, and a bunch of machines (bench press, leg press, a chin-up …

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What Ecologists are (Most) Worried About Right Now: 5 Emerging Trends in Climate Change Ecology

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Guest post by John H. Matthews

When scientists publish an analysis of the impacts of climate change on species, ecosystems and people, the language used can sound terribly distant and cold. In truth, the tone of these studies reflects the tone …

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Sharing is Caring: Varied Diets in Dinosaurs Promoted Coexistence

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Everyone loves a good dinosaur discovery. Though they’re few and far between, sometimes we get lucky, finding feather imprints, mohawks, or birthing sites that reinvigorate public interest and provide bursts of insight about how they ruled the Earth …

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