Imperfect science of #TheDress, RIP Leonard Nimoy and Mr. Spock

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Devil in a blue dress See, this is part of the reason why people don’t trust science.  People crave complete explanations for the phenomena of life. Science is frustrating because mostly it can generate only partial explanations for now and … Continue reading »

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Out on a Limb: Dwindling Trees in Cities

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  Of all the environmental resources we take for granted, large, older trees might be near the top of the list. Not only do we rely on trees for oxygen and wood products, but about 180 different animal species rely … Continue reading »

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The Man Who Ate 25 Eggs a Day

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Each morning at the retirement community, the healthy 88-year-old man received a delivery of 25 soft-boiled eggs, which he would consume during his day. This had been his way for many years. He’d had one experience of chest pain that … Continue reading »

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The molecular clock, the circadian clock, and exploring protein surface pockets: the PLOS Comp Biol February Issue

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Here are our highlights from February’s PLOS Computational Biology   The Molecular Clock of Neutral Evolution Evolution is driven by genetic mutations. While some mutations affect an organism’s ability to survive and reproduce, most are neutral and have no effect. … Continue reading »

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Repost: Francis “Frank” J. Underwood From Netflix’s House of Cards: A Textbook Case of Antisocial Personality Disorder

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Last week, Netflix released Season 3 of House of Cards. In light of this, I am reposting a blog I wrote about the second season of the series last year: “Frank” J. Underwood From Netflix’s House of Cards: A Textbook Case … Continue reading »

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Chagas Disease: The New Numbers

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Peter Hotez (@PeterHotez), Co-Editor in Chief of PLOS NTDs, comments on new WHO estimates of the burden of Chagas disease in Latin America. The World Health Organization (WHO) has just released new estimates on the number of people living with … Continue reading »

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South Africa’s quadruple burden of disease

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This week, Pooja Yerramilli returns to explore NCDs and the quadruple burden as barriers to economic and social development with Sandhya Singh – Director of Disease, Disability, and Geriatrics within South Africa’s Department of Health. Three years ago, I found … Continue reading »

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Standing desks in the classroom

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Today’s post is an interview with teacher Adam Aldred, a teacher who has incorporated standing workstations into his classroom.  You can find more on Adam below.  Detailed instructions on how he built his standing desks can be found here. Who … Continue reading »

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Playing It Safe Online: NOVA Cybersecurity Lab Trains You to Carefully Navigate the Web

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With our ever-increasing connectivity and reliance on the internet, cybersecurity is a growing concern. Despite all the cautionary warnings about cyber safety, individuals, companies and government agencies still fall victim to attack. So what does it take to stay safe? … Continue reading »

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Metrics and Impact – Looking Beyond Research Articles

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The PLOS Biology magazine section features perspectives, essays, unsolved mysteries, community pages, and other pieces written by thought-leaders and rising stars from all walks of biology and beyond. These articles put forward new ideas, propose policy changes, highlight initiatives and … Continue reading »

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