Let’s Get Creative With Our Peer Review!

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I’ve been around the editorial block a few times now, as a volunteer editor, peer reviewer, and author/co-author. One of the most dreaded steps of the whole process concerns author-recommended peer reviewers. It can be agonizing as an author to …

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A license to please

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Today PLOS joins with 58 other organizations in calling for the International Association of Scientific, Technical & Medical (STM) Publishers to withdraw their model licenses and work with the community within the Creative Commons framework to build a scholarly literature

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Time to watch my weight?

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After reading Peter’s post from earlier this week on the problems with BMI, I thought I should repost the below article from a couple years ago.  

I had an interesting experience at my last physical exam, and I …

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CHARMMing molecular simulations, midge swarms, and swimming C. elegans: the PLOS Computational Biology July 2014 Issue

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This month’s issue saw the publication of three Education articles: Web Based Computational Education with CHARMMing. In Part I: Lessons and Tutorial, Miller et al. present their freely available, interactive, step-by-step guide for performing common molecular simulation tasks …

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“Low T” and Prescription Testosterone: Public Viewing of the Science Does Matter

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testosterone_grayOn January 29th 2014, researchers from UCLA, NCI, and Consolidated Research, Inc. published an observational study in PLOS ONE detailing increased cardiovascular risks associated with men taking testosterone therapy. Only three days later, on January 31st, this …

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ALS Target: Microglia

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deboer1HRGlia, perhaps the most underappreciated of cell types, are finally getting some attention. A new report in Science Translational Medicine from Kevin Eggan’s group at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute validates the role of microglia in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis – …

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Diving into the haystack to make more hay?

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Diving into the haystack to make hay is one of the most inefficient activities imaginable (as well as a figurative absurdity). Doing science inevitably entails discovery, but the process has historically been far more difficult without effective tools to support …

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Exploring a Culture of Health: Navigating the Path Towards Responsible Personal Health Data Research

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This post is part of Exploring a Culture of Health, a citizen science series brought to you by Discover Magazine, SciStarter and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, serving as an ally to help Americans work together to

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This week in PLOS Biology

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In PLOS Biology this week you can read about cataloging microbial life,  how spider silk is made, a new class of Alzheimer’s drug and an insight into repairing nerve damage.


A new Community Page, by Nikos

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The Body Mass Index (BMI) Says Nothing About Your Health

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obesity ratesIf you go to your physician’s office and inquire about your weight status, he or she will measure your height and weight to derive your BMI (weight in kg divided by height in m squared). Then they will compare your …

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