The Chariot jogging/cycling/skiing stroller is what every parent needs to stay active

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A few months ago my wife gave birth to our first baby.  It’s been a steep learning curve.  As expected, getting much physical activity has been tough at times. However, the single most helpful tool we’ve had has been our … Continue reading »

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Applied Anthropology as Limit

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Of late I’ve been saying that the constraints that come with applied work are useful for doing good theoretical and empirical work. Just as experimental models bring demands to the research process that can clarify methods and outcomes, so too … Continue reading »

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PLOS Public Health Perspectives Holiday Special 2014

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The holiday season is here. We’ve compiled a short list of wintertime concerns that many people have: 1. Nutrition If you’re lucky, the holiday season tends to be a time of over-nutrition. Knowing your body and what your energy requirements … Continue reading »

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PLOS ONE’s Top 5 Videos of 2014

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Throughout the year we highlight research images that are worth a thousand words. For this year-end list, we’d like to extend the category to our research videos. Here, we’ve highlighted some of this year’s most popular videos, published in the Supporting … Continue reading »

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Visualize PLOS ALM with Google Charts and Fusion Tables

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Learn to filter, sort, and visualize Article Level Metrics with Google Fusion Tables and Google Charts All scientific journal articles published by the Public Library of Science (PLoS) have Article Level Metrics (ALM) collected about them. These metrics include citation … Continue reading »

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SciAm Blog Network revamp plus List of 2014 “best of” lists, Part I

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Big changes at the Scientific American Blog Network Revamping the Scientific American Blog Network is quite a big deal. As Knight Science Journalism Tracker Paul Raeburn reports, SciAm is eliminating about half the bloggers in the network and instituting a … Continue reading »

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Deep Ancestry: A source of inspiration by Michael Harris

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The second of our Deep Reads blog series follows the PLOS Genetics Deep Reads article, “Strands in the History of Molecular Genetics”, published yesterday. Deep Ancestry: A source of inspiration” was written by Michael Harris, a PhD student at the University … Continue reading »

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Dear Parents/Grandparents: Your Toddler Does Not Need a Screen for Christmas

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Christmas is upon us.  If you are a parent/grandparent/relative, you are likely scrambling for that last minute item that your child will love.  One thing I urge you to avoid: screens, and toys that incorporate screens.  Your toddler does not … Continue reading »

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2014: A Great Year for Hupehsuchia

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I just can’t get enough of those bizarre hupehsuchians! These ancient marine reptiles–known exclusively from ~248 million year old rocks in China–had a tubular, bone-encased torso, toothless jaws, and flippers often sprouting an extra finger and toe or two. In … Continue reading »

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Will following positive psychology advice make you happier and healthier?

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Smile or Die – the European retitling of Barbara Ehrenreich’s realist, anti-positive-psychology book Bright Sided:How Positive Thinking Is Undermining America – captures the threat of some positive psychology marketers’ advice: if you do not buy what we sell, you will … Continue reading »

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