Birth control, Hobby Lobby, and the war against women

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Anything left to be said about the US Supreme Court’s latest decisions about women?

The US Supreme Court finished out its term with decisions that were terrible for women. This piece concentrates on only one of them, Burwell v. Hobby …

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Coop’s Citizen Sci Scoop: Does citizen science get lost in translation?

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I spent this week in Fiesole, Italy at the Vespucci Institute held at Fattoria di Maiano. I was vacationing helping facilitate a summer course about citizen science and VGI (which stands for Volunteered Geographic Information). With colleagues in …

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A people’s movement against chronic disease

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This week, in time for the UN NCD Review meeting in New York City, Dr. Jeremy Schwartz makes the case for a strong civil society movement against global Non-Communicable Diseases.  

In some way or another, every one of us …

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The Menopause Toolkit and Summer Sci-Fi

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eggsOne of the worst feelings a woman of a certain age can experience is when someone stupidly asks, “When is your baby due?” and points to the bulge that is not in fact a baby bump, but padding …

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R Markdown for Scholarly Communication?

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Open question: how much longer will researchers be limited to submitting manuscripts in formats like Word or LaTeX to STM journals?

I caught a glimpse of a potential alternative at a recent Software Carpentry Bootcamp hosted by UC Davis.


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On the road again

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The past 12 months have been quite busy for my wife and I.  In September I defended my PhD at the University of Ottawa/Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario.  In December we moved across the country to Halifax so that I

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Bringing Scholarly Book Review into the Digital Age: The American Anthropological Association Initiative

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American Anthropological AssociationBetter, faster, stronger. Whether Superman or Daft Punk, the motto works. But until now, these words didn’t apply to how academic books got reviewed. The American Anthropological Association (AAA), with support from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and prominent …

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Aflutter for Moths and Butterflies

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With National Moth Week worldwide AND the Big Butterfly Count in the UK launching on July 19, we’re all aflutter! SciStarter’s editors netted a list of seven other Moth and Butterfly research projects.

Learn more about National Moth Week through

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This week in PLOS Biology

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In PLOS Biology this week, you can read about tracking the evolution of cancer, sexual dimorphism, parasite tolerance in wild mammals and negative feedback mechanisms in cortical neurons.

A new Community Page by Miriam Jamal-Hanjani, Charles …

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What’s an NCD?

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With the UN NCD Review this week in New York City, we recap on what Non-Communicable Diseases are… And why they matter.

This week in New York City, all eyes in the Global Health community will be on the UN

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