Scott Atran on Youth, Violent Extremism and Promoting Peace

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On 23 April, 2015, Prof. Scott Atran addressed the UN Security Council, to our knowledge the first time an anthropologist has ever been asked to speak to this body. In particular, he spoke to the Ministerial Debate on ‘The Role … Continue reading »

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Homo sap is now a GMO. Shall we edit the genes of human embryos?

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Well, the rumors that scientists in China have been messing around with fully predictable genetic engineering of human embryos, discussed here at On Science Blogs a month ago, turn out to be true. Fully predictable hell has broken out. More … Continue reading »

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The Future of Science Lies in an Understanding of Our Past

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By Cameron Neylon — Boyle’s Law in a Networked World When we talk about scholarly communication, we are almost always talking of the future. If we do look to the past it is to a canonical work. We begin almost … Continue reading »

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Stressed to Death: Overcoming Drug Resistance in Malaria Parasites

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In recent decades the burden of malaria has greatly decreased. This is the result of both successful public health initiatives and widespread use of antimalarial therapeutics. Artemisinins are a family of drugs that have been incredibly effective against Plasmodium falciparum … Continue reading »

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Adventures in Stem Cell Land

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Two weeks ago a neurologist asked me to blog about a US-based company that is offering stem cell treatments, because it had raised hopes among some of his patients. Intrigued because I cover  “stem cell tourism” in my bioethics class and … Continue reading »

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It’s time we had that talk.

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This week, Dr Alessandro Demaio writes from his home country of Australia. A ‘downunder’ perspective with a global relevance – he asks why we aren’t talking more, about the challenges we all face together, and sets you a challenge. There … Continue reading »

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Will exercising during pregnancy cook the baby?

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A few weeks ago Dr Zach Ferraro presented an excellent guest lecture via Google Hangout for my students on the topic of exercise during pregnancy.  Zach is no stranger to this blog, taking part in a podcast last year on … Continue reading »

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Earth Day 2015: Celebrating Our Awe Inspiring World

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We share Earth with millions of amazing plants and animals. Whether we’re relaxing in a hot spring like a Japanese macaque, or catching a glimpse of a rare bird, our exposure to Nature’s diversity enriches our lives and makes us … Continue reading »

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Busting foes of post-publication peer review of a psychotherapy study

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As described in the last issue of Mind the Brain, peaceful post-publication peer reviewers (PPPRs) were ambushed by an author and an editor. They used the usual home team advantages that journals have – they had the last word in … Continue reading »

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A ‘Facebook for Science’? Neuroskeptic talks with Brett Buttliere

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In this guest post, PLOS Neuro Community Contributing Editor, Neuroskeptic, discusses a novel proposal for simplifying and improving the dissemination of scientific research, using insights from social psychology.  By Neuroskeptic In order to motivate scientists to adopt best practices such as data … Continue reading »

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