Are meta analyses conducted by professional organizations more trustworthy?

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gold standardA well done meta-analysis is the new gold standard for evaluating psychotherapies. Meta-analyses can overcome the limitations of any single randomized controlled trial (RCT) by systematically integrating results across studies and identifying and contrasting outliers. Meta-analyses have the potential to …

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Awl be Darned: Metal Arrived in the Southern Levant Long Before Previously Thought

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The Copper Age, sometimes referred to as the Chalcolithic period, was a time of technological transition for humans. As stone tools gave way to metal ones, the Levant—which includes parts of modern-day Israel, Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria—emerged …

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3, 2, 1…Project MERCCURI Blasts Off to the ISS Today!!

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What happens when you combine professional cheerleaders, microbiologists, and astronauts? The answer is Project MERCCURI and the Microbial Playoffs… in SPAAACE!

SPACE FLORIDA, FL — Today, something  amazing is headed toward the ISS—microbial life from earth!This moment is the culmination …

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Learning from the South: influenza immunization in pregnancy

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Writing from Dhaka, Bangladesh, Jocalyn Clark celebrates the impact of a paper by Bangladeshi researchers on Western medical provision.

When two worlds collide in global health it can be a marvelous thing. Take for example the fact that although countries …

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Judging science fairs: 10/10 Privilege, 0/10 Ability

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Every year, I make a point of rounding up students in my department and encouraging them to volunteer one evening judging our local science fair. This year, the fair was held at the start of April, and featured over 200 …

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Thinspo, eating disorders and the seedy underbelly of The Internet

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Trigger warning: I’m going to avoid triggering language as much as possible, but I will be discussing eating disorders and body image in this post.


We’ve all seen those photos. The inspirational quote, set to a background of a …

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Eyes on the Medicare data dump: Cautions and cautionary tales

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On Wednesday came the government release, finally, of Big Data on Medicare payments to medical practitioners for 2012. The beginning, one hopes, of release of many more years of data in aid of trend-spotting. Also, surely, some reining in of …

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WildObs: Instagram for Nature Lovers

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Collect and share pictures of memorable encounters with nature using the WildObs app.

Want more citizen science? Don’t worry. There’s an app for that.

Gopher Snake

There are nature lovers, wildlife photographers, hikers, kayakers and birdwatchers who pursue their passion every …

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Deep Reads: Christine Weber reflects on lab life and becoming a scientist

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The first in our series following on from the PLOS Genetics Deep Reads article “Recommendations from Jane Gitschier’s Bookshelf” comes from Christine Weber, a PhD student in Fiona Watt’s lab at King’s College London, UK. Besides her research

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Promoting Scientific Publications from Authors Overseas

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PLOS NTDs Deputy Editor Daniel Bausch reflects on a Manuscript Writing Workshop recently conducted in Lima, Peru.

On February 19, 2014, PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases and the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene held a manuscript writing workshop in …

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