Science’s Water Coolers: Turning Up the Volume On Journal Clubs

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  London, 1835 – 1854.  Sometimes they just played cards. But mostly, they would gather in a small room over a baker’s shop and read journals. The doctors had formed “a kind of club” because the hospital library didn’t have a … Continue reading »

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The truth about holiday weight gain

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Today I’d like to revisit an issue which is becoming a bit of a holiday tradition here at Obesity Panacea. How much weight do people gain over the holidays?   If you ask many people, they will say that the … Continue reading »

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Supporting Those Who Go to Fight Ebola

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Michelle Mello, Maria Merritt, and Scott Halpern discuss healthcare institutions’ responsibilities to support their employees’ volunteer efforts in Ebola-affected regions. This is a pre-publication version of a manuscript that has been accepted by PLOS Medicine as a Guest Editorial. The … Continue reading »

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This week in PLOS Biology

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In PLOS Biology this week you can read about life without microbes, host-parasite coevolution, the temporal precision of distinguishing odours and how viruses package their genomes.   Life in a World without Microbes According to Louis Pasteur, “Life would not … Continue reading »

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In defense of Santa’s weight

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“Santa’s behaviour and public image are at odds with contemporary accepted public health messages,” argues a British Medical Journal editorial written by Dr. Scrooge and colleagues. Given Santa’s tremendous popularity, particularly among children, the authors of the editorial argue the … Continue reading »

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Time to combine physical activity, sedentary behaviour and sleep guidelines into one holistic guideline?

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Sitting is bad for you.  Exercise is good for you.  Sleep is too. At present, we have 3 separate guidelines targeting these 3 separate behaviours.  However, when combined these behaviours make up the full 24 hour period, so it seems … Continue reading »

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Announcing the Latest Update to the Responding to Climate Change Collection

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New research added to the PLOS Responding to Climate Change Collection In December 2013 PLOS ONE published a unique article, Assessing “Dangerous Climate Change: Required Reduction of Carbon Emissions to Protect Young People, Future Generations and Nature”, by James Hansen … Continue reading »

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The science of torture The Senate Intelligence Committee report on its years-long investigation of the Central Intelligence Agency’s immoral torture-based interrogation methods says the CIA got no information that stopped terror attacks. Which is not surprising. Scientists have been telling … Continue reading »

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How Knowledge Sharing Moves Countries Towards UHC

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Stefan Nachuk, Amanda Folsom, and Nathaniel Otoo are members of the Joint Learning Network for Universal Health Coverage (JLN). The JLN provides a forum for countries to learn from one another and work together towards achieving UHC. As the global … Continue reading »

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Drinking coffee during pregnancy associated with obesity in offspring

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In 1992, David Barker suggested that many chronic diseases are the result of physiological processes initiated between our conception and our birth. The key feature of this model is that intrauterine environmental exposures and events affect fetal development, and may … Continue reading »

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