The Global Response to the Ebola Fever Epidemic: What Took So Long?

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Mark J. Siedner of Harvard Medical School and John D. Kraemer of the O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law, Georgetown University, discuss the impact of the delayed global response to the Ebola epidemic.

On August 8, twenty weeks …

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Exploring a Culture of Health: Repurposing Medicine to Help More People

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This post is part of Exploring a Culture of Health, a citizen science series brought to you by Discover Magazine, SciStarter and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, serving as an ally to help Americans work together to

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Things That Make a Vertebrate Paleontologist Weep with Joy

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There are times when I really wish I were born an invertebrate paleontologist. For many of them*, a few kilograms of rock can contain dozens or even hundreds of specimens of a single species. This is awesome, because some of …

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Prostate cancer screening dispute, microbiome hype

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Once more, screening for prostate cancer

It’s pretty much conventional wisdom among the experts that routine prostate cancer screening for the prostate-specific antigen can cause more harm than good. The recent results of the European study of routine PSA screening …

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Ebola: Liberians Destined for Extinction

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Liberian medical student Gondah Lekpeh gives us his perspective from the front lines of the Ebola outbreak.

On July 22 of this year, the Liberian Minister of Health informed us and the world that the Ebola hemorrhagic fever outbreak in …

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Do multivitamin supplements increase mortality risk?

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Earlier this week, I was innocently scrolling through the latest research on the JAMA Internal Medicine website. The top headline on the ‘Most Read’ side panel instantly caught my eye: ‘Dietary Supplements and Mortality Rate in Older Women’. …

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This week in PLOS Biology

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In PLOS Biology this week you can read about a survival strategy employed by Salmonella bugs, transcript capping in the cytoplasm and differences in the architecture of the visual cortex between rodents and higher mammals.


The mammalian visual

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I Smell Green, You Smell Blue

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Color Palate

In elementary school, we all learn about our five senses: taste, smell, touch, sight, and sound. Together, they continuously provide us with massive amounts of sensory input. One way we make sense of all this is by forming associations: between …

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#NoNewLicenses Update

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Since our coalition of over 50 signatories first released our letter to the STM Association calling on them to withdraw their new model licenses there has been overwhelming support. We’ve added new signatories daily to now reach 85. The most …

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On due dates (Or: why confidence intervals are often better than means)

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As regular readers will know, my wife is pregnant.  In fact, today is the due date.  As of this writing (2:30 EST), labour has yet to commence.

Throughout the pregnancy, my wife and I have constantly reminded ourselves that …

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