Can you build up a tolerance to ice cream?

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In essence, yes. Research suggests that those individuals who frequently eat a given highly palatable food derive less satisfaction from the subsequent consumption of that same food, such as ice cream. In the study, published at the American Journal of … Continue reading »

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Public health agencies should prioritize public health based on evidence, not fear

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The Editorial: The complexity of health requires an expansion of the areas covered by public health agencies Ed note: This post comes to us from our PLOS Blogs friend Dr Travis Saunders. Travis Saunders has a PhD in Human Kinetics … Continue reading »

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You Live in What Kind of Home? A-nem-mo-ne-men… me-ne-mo-nee!

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Clownfish Find Refuge among the Toxic Tentacles of Sea Anemones As we’ve seen in the movies, the world is a dangerous place for a clownfish far away from home. This is all the more reason to ensure that their homes … Continue reading »

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What is the scariest disease? Depends how you define scary.

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Whether you’re personally afraid of Ebola or not, you have to admit it’s a scary disease: no vaccine, no cure, and high fatality rate are just a few of its distinguishing features. Recently I polled my friends on what diseases … Continue reading »

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This week in PLOS Biology

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In PLOS Biology this week, you can read about access to research data, regulation of cell asymmetry and septum formation in Caulobacter, and unfolding and refolding RNA.   Access to Data – The Publishers’ Role A new community perspective piece by … Continue reading »

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Positive psychology interventions for depressive symptoms

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I recently  talked with a junior psychiatrist about whether she should undertake a randomized trial of positive psychology interventions with depressed primary care patients. I had concerns about whether positive psychology interventions would be acceptable to clinically depressed primary care … Continue reading »

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1:AM Funding Available for Altmetrics Projects

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We are extending the great enthusiasm from the 1:AM altmetrics conference (London, September 25-26, 2014) with a call for proposals of altmetrics projects. Much of our discussion was aimed at figuring out what we can do now to continue building and expanding our understanding and use … Continue reading »

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The greatest health threat you’ve never heard of, but need to know about.

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If you have a conversation with someone about the leading cause of global deaths, discussions will usually turn to Ebola, HIV or TB. Even more so, when we think of the biggest killers in the world’s poorer nations, we tend … Continue reading »

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Moratorium on virus research, epigenetics and fear, open access to journals

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  A moratorium shuts down research on flu, MERS, and SARS viruses The debate began quickly over the moratorium that the White House has  declared on certain sorts of virus research, the sort where researchers are deliberately trying to make … Continue reading »

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Halloween Citizen Science Projects

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 Zombees and spiders and bats, Oh MY! Drag your bones over, give these projects a TRY! Happy Halloween! From the SciStarter team. Here are  five projects to put a smile on your skull.  Loss of the Night Bring Citizen Science with … Continue reading »

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