Worms in the Big Apple: Identifying Patterns of Toxocariasis Infection in New York City

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For thousands of Americans, roundworm infection may pose a serious threat to their health. Toxocariasis, an illness caused by a parasitic roundworm, can potentially cause chronic health problems, including ocular infections, diminished lung function, and poor cognitive development. It …

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Rare enterovirus in US children: what’s going on?

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Recently, a mild-to-severe respiratory illness in children in the Southeast and Midwest United States has been emerging. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that between mid-August and September 11th, 2014, their laboratory has confirmed

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The Figure Makes the Fossil

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As I wrap up revisions on a manuscript, as well as continuing the day to day work in “my” museum collection, I’ve been thinking a lot about what makes a good figure of a fossil. The thought is driven in …

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Citizen Science in the Classroom: Mapping Mars and Be a Martian with NASA [GUEST POST]

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Editor’s Note: This post has been republished and shared in celebration of SciStarter’s Back To School campaign where you will find 10 citizen science projects aligned with Next Generation Science Standards.


Students Explore the Surface of Mars and Contribute

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Catch the Katydid if You Can

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Katydid pic 1

It’s too fast to catch, spears smaller insects with spiny legs, and sings a song that mirrors the syllables of its name, “Ka-ty-did, Ka-ty-didn’t.­ Its music is so catchy, it has even been used as the …

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Ethical dilemmas of giving Ebola drugs to the people who need them most

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Although the outbreak is bursting beyond efforts to contain it, and daily finds ways to reach whole new levels of scary (for example, there have been a handful of cases in Lagos, a city the size of New York), …

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Coop’s Citizen Sci Scoop: The Key to Unlocking Collaborative Conservation for Birds

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This was a big week in the news for citizen science in bird conservation. Audubon released a report on projected impacts of climate change on birds. The annual State of the Birds report was released at an event in …

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Jack the Ripper, more poison at NIH, Rosetta & the comet

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Ripped from the headlines

Scientists have greeted with hoots and catcalls the claim that Jack the Ripper, the near-mythical late-19th Century London serial killer, has been identified from DNA as an immigrant Polish baker named Aaron Kosminski.

The DNA …

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Alcohol: breaking up is hard to do.

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There are many absurdities in society that we overlook or come to accept. For me, there are few though more absurd than our relationship with alcohol. Addictive, harmful, carcinogenic and associated with a raft of social, economic and health consequences …

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When Retroviral Research Goes Viral

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The PLOS Pathogens team reflects on their most widely shared article and the benefits and pitfalls of sharing science research on social media.

Social media has taken the science world by storm. Or maybe it’s the other way around; but …

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