Wisconsin’s Water Action Volunteers – Making Waves for Action [GUEST POST]

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Editor’s Note: This post was written by Kris Stepenuck, Wisconsin’s Water Action Volunteers Stream Monitoring Program Director.

Monitor the quality and quantity of Wisconsin’s streams with Water Action Volunteers.

Interested in water monitoring projects? We’ve got you covered!


Human …

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Your Citizen Science Idea Could Fly to Mars and Win You $20,000 from NASA!

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Buckle up folks, ‘cause NASA is coming to you with a challenge. On Saturday, NASA announced at the World Maker Faire in New York that it has opened up registration for the ‘Mars Balance Mass Challenge’. The space agency has …

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PLOS Medicine launches a new Collection on Universal Health Coverage

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A new PLOS Medicine collection, Monitoring Universal Health Coverage, provides technical details and country-level experience of the implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of Universal Health Coverage, adding much needed insight to the global conversation on this topic.

Universal Health Coverage …

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Psychosocial care focuses too much on young, attractive patients successfully coping with cancer.

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 The YAVIS bias reconsidered: Young, attractive, verbal, intelligent, successfully coping with cancer preferred.

For related slide presentations, see

Rethinking, rebuilding psychosocial care for cancer patients.

Why screening cancer patients for distress will increase disparities in psychosocial services.

purchase of friendshipWilliam Schofield’s …

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Ebola: a Blind Outbreak

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Grazia Caleo of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) UK describes her experiences as a medical epidemiologist during the Ebola outbreak in Kailhun, Sierra Leone.

In José Saramago’s book, Blindness, he describes an epidemic of an unknown infection that causes people to …

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How do paleontologists access the (non-open access) literature?

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It is no secret to those who know me that I am strongly supportive of open access (OA)–published data and personal experience alike show that OA is strongly beneficial to science. That said, it’s not as if we can ignore …

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Genetic Testing For All: Is It Eugenics?

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ATCG's Image with Group of PeopleIn recent weeks, there’s been talk of three types of genetic testing transitioning from targeted populations to the general public: carrier screens for recessive diseases, tests for BRCA mutations, and non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) to spot extra chromosomes in fetuses …

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In Honor of Dr. Elisabetta Ullu

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Kasturi Haldar, PLOS Pathogens Editor-in-Chief, reflects on Elisabetta Ullu’s pioneering contributions to the understanding of molecular mechanisms of RNAi in T. brucei.

On the eve of 25th anniversary of the premier Molecular Parasitology Meeting (MPM) held at the …

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Open Source for Open Metrics

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The scientific community is increasingly recognizing how the open science enterprise critically relies on access to scientific tooling. John Willinsky, Stanford scholar and Director of the Public Knowledge Project (PKP), presaged this development, calling it an “unacknowledged convergence” …

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Citizen Science and Water Monitoring: How Healthy is the Water Near You?

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On September 18th of each year, the World Water Monitoring Challenge (WWMC) encourages people around the world to test the quality of the water near them, share their findings, and become inspired to protect one of the most important (if not the

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