Can We Cure Huntington’s Disease?

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I didn’t cry until page 123 of Lisa Genova’s terrific new novel Inside the O’Briens. That’s when 44-year-old Boston police officer Joe O’Brien tells his four young adult offspring that his “weird temper”; his frequent toe-tapping, shoulder-shifting, and eyebrow lifting; … Continue reading »

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Coop’s Scoop: Speak for the Bees on the next #CitSciChat

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You’ve probably heard the maxim about unforeseen consequences: “Be careful what you wish for, it might come true.” For example, we may wish to be rid of insects, which outnumber us a zillion to one. But if our wish comes … Continue reading »

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Why you crave tomato juice on an airplane

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I’m writing this seated on a plane heading to San Francisco. We’ve been in the air for under an hour, and the drink cart is just starting to make its way down the aisle. As the cart rolls nearer I’m … Continue reading »

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WHO will lead and who will pay? The World Health Organization, Ebola and the future of global health

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By Andreas Vilhelmsson When the Ebola virus disease epidemic hit West Africa in late 2013, nobody could imagine that just a year and a half later it will have caused more than 11,000 deaths and be declared a threat to … Continue reading »

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Guest Post: Can We Easily Distinguish Male and Female Protoceratops?

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This guest post is from Leonardo Maiorino, a vertebrate paleontologist with a particular interest in understanding the evolution of the skull in horned dinosaurs. Leo was at the helm of a recent paper in PLOS ONE (I was a co-author), … Continue reading »

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Advice for those considering and those in a PhD

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Readers of the blog will know that I successfully defended my PhD in March. Today, I want to share some thoughts I have on the process for those considering a PhD and for those in the PhD. Deciding if you … Continue reading »

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Juice ≠ Fruit (!!!)

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Word emerged last week that Health Canada was re-considering whether it should continue to view a serving of juice (125 ml) as being equivalent to a half cup of fresh/frozen fruit.  I think this would be a wonderful development, and … Continue reading »

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The most distinctive causes of death in each US state

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Often left to the domain of geography, maps are an under-recognised yet essential tool in the field of public health. Public health researchers don’t often make maps, yet they are terribly valuable in public health practice for basic descriptive understanding … Continue reading »

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Reflections on using Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) to treat neuropsychiatric disorders

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By Daniel Albaugh One of my most fascinating experiences as a doctoral student of neuroscience began with an early morning trip to the university hospital. Upon arrival, my laboratory colleagues and I met with one of the clinical neurologists, who … Continue reading »

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Support Open Access publishing with the click of a button

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The Open Access Button is a web and mobile app that helps students, researchers, patients and the public get access to academic research. In 2013 two undergraduate students in the United Kingdom, and a team of volunteer developers first led … Continue reading »

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