Pseudo-poo! All that glitters isn’t fecal gold

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Fossil feces are the stuff of legend. Not only do they have the “gee-whiz-gross” factor, but they also preserve evidence of diet, parasites, and paleoecology in long-dead animals. An paleontological urban legend holds that the technical term–”coprolite”–was coined …

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Exploring a Culture of Health: Creating a Roadmap to Community Health

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This post is part of Exploring a Culture of Health, a citizen science series brought to you by Discover Magazine, SciStarter and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, serving as an ally to help Americans work together to

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This week in PLOS Biology

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In PLOS Biology this week you can read about the development of a vital vessel in the eye, the structure of a protein involved in Vitamin K synthesis and how protein synthesis is maintained at both high accuracy and

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If at First You Don’t Succeed, Sit Back and Listen

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Few of us remember how easily we learned language as children. Although the acquisition wasn’t always graceful then—‘awry’ never sounds the same way aloud as the way I read it in my head— using our primary language as an adult …

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This picture captures why “no sugar added” is a meaningless concept

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It seems that every time I go to the grocery store I see more products proudly announcing that they have “no sugar added”.  Typically these claims are seen on juice and other products that contain a high sugar content.

As Yoni …

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“Oh no! What happened?” “W220.2XD: Walked into lamppost, subsequent encounter.”

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Last week, I ran across this very entertaining piece over in Healthcare Dive about the new ICD-10 codes. The International Classification of Diseases (ICD) is an incredibly useful tool in public health that basically can reduce an injury to …

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Coop’s Citizen Sci Scoop: Patients who were research subjects and the doctors who listened – the citizen science of HIV/AIDS research

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Many prominent people involved in HIV/AIDS research lost their lives when Malaysian plane MH17 was shot down over Eastern Ukraine. HIV/AIDS researchers exemplify how scientists serve the public good. A key to HIV/AIDS research has involved embracing a certain type …

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Our Brains as Alien Technology

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Cargo Cult PlaneOur brains are alien technology. We don’t understand how they work, and the glimpses w have gotten so far indicate that our brains work quite differently than our own smart technology.

After a century of research, we are just beginning …

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Making Metrics Count – ALM Article Feature Series

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In this age when we are all obsessed by counting, should we be celebrating yet more sets of metrics? Albert Einstein famously quipped: “Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.” While a …

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Lab safety, smallpox and more virulent flu, marijuana benefits, plus headless, heedless, and clueless at Science

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Lab safety is even worse than you thought

The best single blog source for keeping up with the current smallpox-anthrax-flu-lab safety fiasco is Maryn McKenna’s Superbug, one of the Wired blogs.  Some recent posts:

About the cache of old vials …

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