Study Report, Study Reality, and the Gap Between

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We take mental shortcuts about research reports. “I read a study,” we say. We don’t only talk about them as though they are the study – we tend to think of them that way, too. And that’s risky. Even the … Continue reading »

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Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro: A Personal Account (Part 2)

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Click here to read part 1 of this story. Like a procession of overdressed zombies holding walking poles, we’ve been staggering uphill on this loose volcanic rock since midnight. My watch reads 4:14am. Although our pace rivals that of a … Continue reading »

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Is Climate Change Causing the Seasons to Change? Citizen Scientists in the UK Help Find Out with Nature’s Calendar

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Interested in more spring themed citizen science projects? Check out the ones the SciStarter team has handpicked for you here! Or use SciStarter’s project finder to find one that piques your curiosity! In 1998 Tim Sparks, a research biologist at … Continue reading »

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How Articles Get Noticed and Advance the Scientific Conversation

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By Victoria Costello, PLOS Senior Social Media & Community Editor The good news is you’ve published your manuscript! The bad news? With two million other new research articles likely to be published this year, you face steep competition for readers, … Continue reading »

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Who Let the Microbes Out: A Paw Print of Doggy Skin Bacteria

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A house is not a home without a dog, and a dog isn’t a “D-O-double-G” without its microbial “crew.” Human microbiome research is progressing rapidly, and we are always learning how the bacteria living on and inside of us contribute … Continue reading »

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Amazingly spun mindfulness trial in British Journal of Psychiatry: How to publish a null trial

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Since when is “mindfulness therapy is not inferior to routine primary care” newsworthy?   Spinning makes null results a virtue to be celebrated…and publishable. An article reporting a RCT of group mindfulness therapy Sundquist, J., Lilja, Å., Palmér, K., Memon, … Continue reading »

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Games That Teach You Something About Public Health

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Reading is great, but sometimes it’s more fun to learn by playing. Here are a few games that will end up teaching you something about public health: Spent: This game is for anybody who feels like they know how they … Continue reading »

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Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro: A Personal Account (Part 1)

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When most people think of vacations, they envision themselves lounging on a sunny beach, sipping a drink out of a coconut, while hotel staff tend to their every need. Although there is nothing especially wrong with this type of holiday, my … Continue reading »

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Nature’s Notebook: Through the Eyes of a Citizen Scientist

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This guest post by Sharman Apt Russel describes a citizen science experience with the the project, Nature’s Notebook featured on our recent Spring themed newsletter. Check out the rest of the projects on that list here. Nature’s Notebook is also one … Continue reading »

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‘Open Source, Open Science’ meeting report – March 2015

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On March 19th and 20th, the Center for Open Science hosted a small meeting in Charlottesville, VA, convened by COS and co-organized by Kaitlin Thaney (Mozilla Science Lab) and Titus Brown (UC Davis). People working across the open science ecosystem … Continue reading »

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