The Menopause Toolkit and Summer Sci-Fi

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eggsOne of the worst feelings a woman of a certain age can experience is when someone stupidly asks, “When is your baby due?” and points to the bulge that is not in fact a baby bump, but padding …

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On the road again

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The past 12 months have been quite busy for my wife and I.  In September I defended my PhD at the University of Ottawa/Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario.  In December we moved across the country to Halifax so that I

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Bringing Scholarly Book Review into the Digital Age: The American Anthropological Association Initiative

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American Anthropological AssociationBetter, faster, stronger. Whether Superman or Daft Punk, the motto works. But until now, these words didn’t apply to how academic books got reviewed. The American Anthropological Association (AAA), with support from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation and prominent …

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Neurobalm: the pseudo-neuroscience of couples therapy

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soothingsyrup1Special thanks to Professor Keith Laws, blogger at LawsDystopiaBlog and especially the pseudonymous Neurocritic for their helpful comments. But any excesses or inaccuracies are entirely my own responsibility.


You may be more able to debunk bad neuroscience than you

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Walking meetings: a step in the right direction?

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Today’s post comes from Allana Leblanc.  You can find more on Allana at the bottom of this post.

Right next to coconut water, and standing desks, “walking meetings” are the newest buzzwords for the ever trendy workplace.  A …

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The worm turns no more…

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Public Health Perspectives is pleased to welcome Charles Ebikeme to the blog this week. For more information about Charles, see the end of this post.

John Stavely, age 24 and unassuming, arrived at Cape Coast Castle on the coast of …

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ISCB Student Council – Documenting the efforts of student organisation volunteers

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A guest post by: Geoff Macintyre, Thomas Abeel, Magali Michaut

In July 2014 the International Society for Computational Biology Student Council will celebrate it’s 10th anniversary. Over its ten years of operation, the Student Council has grown to over 2000 …

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Nicholas Wade and His Determinist Genes

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TroublesomeThe subtitle of Nicholas Wade’s new book, A Troublesome Inheritance: Genes, Race, and Human History, is transparent. In combining genes, race, and human history, Wade makes a simplistic argument: genes determine race, and race determines human history. Wade is …

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Wilson Disease – A Genetic Success Story

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800px-Penny_cents_copper_Lincoln_coin_macroA woman I never met, Ingrid, has taught thousands of students about Wilson disease, an inborn error of copper metabolism. But she never knew it, and I wish I could tell her.

Wilson disease is …

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PLOS Response to the HEFCE RFI on Metrics in Research Assessment

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The Higher Education Funding Council for England, the body that manages the UK’s Research Excellence Framework recently announced an enquiry on the use of metrics in research assessment. HEFCE’s views on research assessment matter a great deal to

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