Precision Medicine: Much More Than Just Genetics

When President Obama uttered the words “Precision Medicine” in the state-of-the-union address, I scoffed at a politician’s finally noticing a field that’s been around for decades: medical genetics. Was it another case of rebranding, as chemistry has morphed into nanotech? … Continue reading »

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Health and the Sustainable Development Agenda: Leaving No One with Disability Behind

On the eve of the UN summit on Sustainable Development goals, Alarcos Cieza of the WHO reminds us that disability is part of the human experience contributing to human diversity. On September 25-27 the United Nations Member States will meet … Continue reading »

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Promoting a positive psychology self-help book with a Wikipedia entry

This edition of Mind the Brain continues an odd and fascinating story of an aggressive promotion of a positive psychology self-help book. In this chapter, I tell how the promotion is being aided by the author’s son creating a laudatory … Continue reading »

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PLOS Publication Costs Update

Open Access scientific publishing makes scholarship available globally and relieves scholarly institutions from the overwhelming burden of commercial subscription fees. Because of this proven success, institutions, funders, foundations and government agencies dedicate significant resources to encourage authors to publish in … Continue reading »

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Getting a ‘hint’ about social inequalities in cancer information seeking

Have you ever searched for information about cancer? Chances are, if you have, it was a Google search that led to a website like WebMD, the Mayo Clinic, or a charity such as the American Cancer Society or Cancer Research … Continue reading »

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PLOS Reddit AMA on Neandertal Jewelry

On Wednesday 23rd September, the PLOS Paleo Community are pleased to announce a new Paleo-themed PLOS Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything). It’ll be with David Frayer, who’ll be online to talk about his PLOS ONE paper that found Neandertals created … Continue reading »

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“Elementary, My Dear Watson!” Clues Revealed About an Ancient Case of Leprosy

Unidentified remains found in the English countryside and all signs point to the untimely death of a young man. Researchers examined the bones of a supposed victim, which showed signs of leprosy, to search for clues about the arrival of … Continue reading »

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Coop’s Scoop: connecting with citizen science apps

Years ago, when my daughter got an iPod, her iTunes account became un-affectionately known to the rest of the family as the “iTunes you out” app. Many parents have joined scholars in expressing concerns about how mobile computing and internet … Continue reading »

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Howdy Pt. 2!

Hello there! In a continuation of getting to know your PLOS Paleo Community Editors (read introductory posts by fellow editors Jon and Andy), let me introduce myself! My name is Sarah, and I, along with Jon and Andy, am very … Continue reading »

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Hey there, and welcome to the PLOS Paleo* Community blog! My name’s Jon, and along with Sarah and Andy, I’ll be one of your new blog editors! Just a quick intro here to get things rolling For several years now, … Continue reading »

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