You should workout in jeans (I do)

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At various points over the past few years, I have been fortunate to basically have a gym as my office.  I’ve worked near treadmills, exercise bikes, light free weights, and a bunch of machines (bench press, leg press, a chin-up …

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What Ecologists are (Most) Worried About Right Now: 5 Emerging Trends in Climate Change Ecology

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Guest post by John H. Matthews

When scientists publish an analysis of the impacts of climate change on species, ecosystems and people, the language used can sound terribly distant and cold. In truth, the tone of these studies reflects the tone …

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Sharing is Caring: Varied Diets in Dinosaurs Promoted Coexistence

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Everyone loves a good dinosaur discovery. Though they’re few and far between, sometimes we get lucky, finding feather imprints, mohawks, or birthing sites that reinvigorate public interest and provide bursts of insight about how they ruled the Earth …

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Gordon Research Conference on Mammalian Reproduction: Marisa Bartolomei

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As part of its mission to encourage engagement within the genetics community, PLOS Genetics is sponsoring a number of conferences and meetings this year. In order to raise awareness about these conferences and the researchers who attend them we are

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Public health’s biggest weakness, as illustrated by e-cigarettes

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Recently, I was sitting in a meeting with some people, and during a lull in the conversation, they asked me:

“Hey, you’re in public health. What is the biggest problem you face?”

I paused. That’s a tough question. The Western …

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Super Moon, Super Meteor Showers, Super Citizen Science

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On Sunday August 10, join Slooh and citizen scientists as they observe the Super Moon.

Don’t miss a live interview (Sunday at 7:30 ET) with SciStarter’s founder Darlene Cavalier on Slooh, the telescope and astronomy website devoted to stars

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Citizen Science, Shark Week Edition

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It’s Shark Week for Citizen Scientists!

It’s that time of year again. (Cue Jaws theme song.) Discovery Channel’s Shark Week starts on August 10th! But rather than fear these beautiful creatures, participate in projects to help advance research about sharks!

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The 2014 Ecological Impacts of Climate Change Collection

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Ecology ColectionPost authored by Collection Curator Ben Bond-Lamberty

The impacts of climate change on global ecology, in its many forms and fields, were well represented by PLOS publications in 2013-2014. The articles chosen for the Collection were published by PLOS ONE

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H. floresiensis or H. sapiens with Down syndrome? Plus landing on a comet

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Lords of the zings

I don’t know why the new papers about the “hobbit,” the 2003 find of tiny ancient bones from the Indonesian island of Flores, have made such a splash. No, I take that back. I do know. …

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Wikimania: We need to choose the main stream over our small pool

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Wikimania 2014 Logo

The Wikimania meeting is the annual jamboree of the Wikimedia movement. The sessions cover museums, pop culture, politics, technology, communities and tools. Two thousand people have descended on the Barbican Centre in London to talk not just about Wikipedia (or …

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