Summary of ALM data quality work

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Article-level metrics data, like any other data, is subject to errors, inconsistencies, and bias. Data integrity is the foundation of trust for these metrics.  Making sure data is correct is a difficult task as collecting and providing article-level metrics data involves not … Continue reading »

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Could the Ebola epidemic end this year?

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Although the Ebola epidemic is still raging in west Africa, US and European buzz about the disease spiked briefly and then all but disappeared, according to Google search data published in Vox’s in-depth report. Liberia’s situation is the most promising, … Continue reading »

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Under the hood at PLOS

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You may have noticed some changes to various pages on the PLOS journal websites over the last few months. Last April we launched new mobile-optimized sites for all of our journals, and in July we released a major update to … Continue reading »

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Publishing to Keep up with Ebola

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As you read this, thread-like viruses less than one micron in length are spreading through human populations in West Africa, taking lives, wrecking communities and generally creating havoc in the countries affected. Infection with the Ebola virus results in an … Continue reading »

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Playing With Canines: Ancient Dog Teeth Reveal Early Human-Dog Interactions

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Even though our favorite pet dogs are now well-domesticated, we can still catch glimpses of their primal past when we watch them devour a bone or hunt those pesky squirrels. Sadly, new research shows that the status of dogs in … Continue reading »

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Coop’s Citizen Sci Scoop: Try it, you might like it

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Margaret Mead, the world-famous anthropologist said, “never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” The sentiment rings true for citizen science. Yet, recent news in the … Continue reading »

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My new standing desks

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CBC came to visit Dr Jamie Burr and I last week to chat about our study on standing desks.  During that chat they asked to see my new standing desks, which can be seen in the video below (email subscribers … Continue reading »

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How Undergraduate Journals Foster Scientific Communication

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Illustration by Yoo Jung Kim “Too often, people ignore that a key part of being a scientific leader is being a communicator,” says Peter Kalugin, a senior at Johns Hopkins University. But how can students start fostering the skills to … Continue reading »

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List of lists Part 2, Tracker, Health News Review

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  The list of lists, continued Happy New Year, and here’s Part 2 of the On Science Blogs List of Lists–the annual end-of-last-year-beginning-of-this-year retrospective on the best of, top ten etc. (For Part 1, the final On Science Blogs post … Continue reading »

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TDR Reflects on 40 Years

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In April of 1974, the 27th session of the World Health Assembly called for the “intensification of activities in tropical disease research” and the “strengthening of research and training activities”, particularly in developing countries. By November of that year, TDR, … Continue reading »

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