Battling misinformation: The scientific consensus as a gateway belief for climate change and GMOs

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By Joseph Timpona Public debate on scientific topics is in no short supply. Though science recognizes the evidence validating evolution, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), or climate change, it does not take long to find articles or people who oppose regarded … Continue reading »

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DNA Profiling of Cat Waste

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“Bring in a stool sample,” says the vet. But that’s not so easy in a multi-cat household. I recently faced this problem when I adopted our fourth cat, Panda. Researching the issue, I found only one website that addresses the … Continue reading »

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Citizen scientist divers help track the success of artificial reefs.

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  This is a guest post by Michael Bear Citizen Science Project Director at Ocean Sanctuaries.  In this post, he describes a citizen science led effort to catalog marine life living in and around the HMCS Yukon. In 2000, the Yukon was … Continue reading »

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The Relationships of Education, Health, & Skills in Improving the Lives of Adults & Their Families: Newly Extended Call for Papers for a New PLOS Collection

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EXTENDED DEADLINE: The U.S. National Institutes of Health (the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute for Child and Human Development (NICHD) and the Office of Behavioral and Social Sciences Research (OBSSR)) and the U.S. Department of Education (Office of Career, Technical, and Adult … Continue reading »

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Burger Loss

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Today’s post comes from friend and colleague Dr Jamie Burr, and was originally posted on his own blog, available here. Last month in PEI we “celebrated” what has become an annual ritual known as Burger Love. If you are not … Continue reading »

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How it Works: the PLOS Computational Biology April Issue

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Here are some highlights from April’s PLOS Computational Biology   How We Hear Time within Sound How does our auditory system represent time within a sound? Daniel Bendor investigates how temporal acoustic patterns can be represented by neural activity within … Continue reading »

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Weighing Up Anonymity and Openness in Publication Peer Review

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    Scientists are in a real bind when it comes to peer review. It’s hard to be objective when we’re all among the peer reviewing and peer-reviewed, or plan to be. Still, we should be able to mobilize science’s repertoire to solve our problems. Yet, … Continue reading »

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Beware the bad survey: Science literacy isn’t as bad as the statistics make it look

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Read the catchy one-line statistics that circulate in the headlines and on social media and you’d be forgiven for thinking that public understanding of science is in a sorry state. A few months back, we heard that 80% of Americans … Continue reading »

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Biting Off What They Can Chew: Scientists Use 3D Reconstructions to Study Animal Jaw Mechanics

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                 Studying the muscles that animals use to bite and chew can tell us a lot about their eating habits. In the past, researchers often undertook painstaking dissection of animal specimens by hand … Continue reading »

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Emerging doctors call for action on global epidemic: non-communicable disease

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This week, special guest-bloggers and Australian doctors-in-training, Rebecca Kelly and Tim Martin of the Australian Medical Students’ Association, call for greater focus, discussion and action on the world’s leading causes of death. In March this year, the Australian government released … Continue reading »

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