Zombie Evolution!

I love this image!

A playful take on the classic (and wrong) image of human evolution. No matter how we try to get beyond the “rise of man” story, it comes back, zombie-like, even when it should R.I.P.

Hat-tip to John Hawks, who tweeted about the delightful Tumblr site, AnthroFail, where zombieevolution appeared.

AnthroFail has some other great ones – perspective, sovereigntyordeath, and essence of anthropology students.

You can also get this image as a t-shirt
– and a selection of other Zombie t-shirts too – on Amazon.

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5 Responses to Zombie Evolution!

  1. Why is this classic image of human evolution (without the zombies, that is) wrong?

    • MagFlare says:

      Well, for starters, the March of Progress suggests that hominid evolution was a straight line from knuckle-walking ape to modern human and not the complex, branching path full of dead ends that we now understand it to be.

  2. haha went from ape to human next step is evolving into zombies :)

  3. Sam Grace says:

    Aww, I wish I saw this before I posted my bioanth lesson plan on evolution and the zombie apocalypse: http://samanthalgrace.wordpress.com/2012/11/05/biological-anthropology-for-the-zombie-apocalypse/

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