Anthropology and Ethics – AAA Wants Feedback!

In a welcome development, the American Anthropological Association’s Task Force for Comprehensive Ethics Review is posting drafts online of proposed revisions to the AAA’s code of ethics. And they want your feedback!

The main page on the AAA blog – Ethics Task Force – provides a list of the drafts of different sections of the code, as well as background information on the committee.

We believe that there is value in presenting many of the same ideas in different ways. Doing so helps anthropologists of all kinds focus in on core concepts and problems. To that end, we are seeking to identify from both the current code and the earlier Principles of Professional Responsibility broad statements or principles applicable to all anthropologists.

We are asking for your help in doing so, and are actively soliciting input from AAA members on several suggested “draft principles” presented over the past several months (available for viewing on this blog).

Here are the five parts that have been posted so far:

Do No Harm

Balance Competing Ethical Obligations

Be Open and Honest regarding Your Work. Make Your Work Accessible

Balance the Responsibility to Disseminate with Its Potential Consequences

Informed Consent Is a Dynamic, Continuous and Reflective Process

Please do leave the AAA Ethics Task Force any comments you might have.

Link to the Ethics Task Force homepage.

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