Small Wonders: November 19, 2012

In this edition: the extreme female brain, virtual reality for amputees, and neon honey.

Businessweek wins the post-Sandy, magazine-cover sweepstakes.

Could oysters protect us from the next Sandy?

* Eating disorders: an outgrowth of the “extreme female brain“?

* How to use social attraction to rebuild seabird populations.

* Drug-sniffing dogs make mistakes, too.

* Amputees use virtual reality to adjust to their new prostheses.

* What Komen gets wrong about breast cancer.

* More on contagious yawning in dogs.

* Researchers need to stop keeping their lab animals in the basement.

* A brainy cockatoo invents his own tool.

* Improving math education by boosting students’ self-concept.

* Researchers have now peered inside Temple Grandin’s brain.

* Wild parrots name their chicks.

* Bees in France are making strange, brightly colored honey.

* The Congressional Committee on Science, Space, and Technology gives science a bad name.

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