Small Wonders: October 8, 2012

In this edition: video games for animals, lab-grown leather, and how to cook like a futurist.

* Crop circles have nothing on these strange, underwater sand circles.

* Computers (mostly) learn to recognize human sketches of animals, with sometimes hilarious results.

* Could your pet become a gamer?

* The strange deaths of two sisters in Thailand.

* Enslaved ants sabotage their masters.

* Can the Kickstarter model fund science?

* Strange sex in the animal kingdom.

* An eagle gets a prosthetic beak.

* A vegetable farm that fits in a parking space.

* Forget Petri dish meat. Bring on the lab-grown leather.

* Even brain cells in a dish need shut eye.

* Killing trees to learn how to save them.

* When sleep turns violent.

* What neuroscience really says about female desire.

* How to cook like a futurist.

* The secret to the world’s shiniest fruit.

Vindicated! (Sort of).

* Are you too drunk to edit? A test.

Do animals get depressed?

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