Finished Year, Unfinished Business

The jury’s still out on reflective first year sentiments, but it’s been gratifying to share my thoughts back from the very beginning of medical school.

I had the honor of reading my “Letter to a Young Doctor” on the medical documentary series White Coat, Black Art. The radio show ran on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (Canada’s national public radio and television broadcaster–similar to America’s NPR or PBS).

Link to audio–my piece is at 22:00.
Link to June 10 show description.
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3 Responses to Finished Year, Unfinished Business

  1. Anonymous says:

    I've heard you read your letter on white coat, black art, it was inspirational. I'd like to ask permission to post it on my notes online. it's one of the things I'd like to share with my friends.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, forgot to tell you my name, its Jucelle. and and I'll check the site later on for your reply.

  3. Shara says:

    Sure, sharing it is fine, as long as my name is on it. If possible, I'd also appreciate a link to this site. Thank you and glad you enjoyed it!