Wanna be Chief Webmaster at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences?

You have until tomorrow, 23 December, to get your application in to join me and a brilliant, fun team of scientists, writers, and educators at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh.

(For those not aware of my career change next month, I wrote over at Terra Sigillata about my upcoming move to become science communications director of the Nature Research Center (NRC) of the Museum.)

Chief Webmaster job posting here.


The Business and Technology Applications Analyst (Chief Webmaster) is primarily responsible for overseeing day-to-day operation and maintenance of web- based media and all emerging social media platforms emanating from the Museum, Prairie Ridge Ecostation and the Nature Research Center, opening in early 2012. Specifically, the position will: provide programming support for new and legacy website applications; help update website content; update, maintain and administer databases with online content; maintain all websites associated with the Museum; possess aptitude and motivation to develop and continually update personal knowledge of emerging software applications, programming languages and hardware. Must share relevant information with Museum Web team and act as liaison to upper management personnel. This person will also help train staff to create/update pertinent content online via the Web, blogs and help coordinate social communications for the Museum.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

This person must be fluent with various Web, database protocols, including but not limited to Drupal, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Linux and Javascript. The person must have a good understanding of Web standards and help manage two-way communication inquiries from the public sector. Must be able to integrate knowledge and skills from a range of technologies, and to research and implement new technologies to create innovative solutions. Must have good communication skills.

See the complete Chief Webmaster job posting here.

The most important thing about applying for this position – or any state position in North Carolina – is filling out the formal state application for employment, lovingly called the PD-107. One MUST use this form in addition to submitting other required info.

Go to this page to download the Word or PDF versions of the PD-107.

SPECIAL NOTE: In the “major duties” box for each position in your work history, be absolutely sure to indicate skills that match the job listing. DO NOT write, “see CV” or “see resumé.”

Learn from my mistakes: it is extremely important to list specific skills otherwise the application will not even make it to the hiring manager.

Email me if you have any questions.

For whatever reason, the job posting link deletes the contact information for the Human Resources Manager, most importantly the fax number (since tomorrow is the deadline)

Here is who the application goes to:

Contact Person: Laura Oakley
Contact Agency: Dept of Environment & Natural Resources
Contact Address: 1626 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC 27699-1626
Contact Phone: 919-733-7450
Contact Fax: 919-716-0094

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One Response to Wanna be Chief Webmaster at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences?

  1. Liz Ditz says:

    Well, I want to be the webmaster…but I have no qualifications. Good luck in building your team!