Is that a special dialect?

Yes, I'm a wiseass sometimes.

While I couldn’t help myself when I first saw this tweet coming across my stream, I clicked on the link and found what looks to be a nice feature in this month’s Scientific American.

The excellent Ferris Jabr describes what he did:

The 61st Nobel Laureate Meeting in Lindau, Germany, is taking place from June 26 to July 1. At the event, about 20 past laureates in physiology or medicine will mingle with more than 550 young scientists. In honor of the meeting Scientific American has collected articles that Nobel Prize winners have published in the magazine recently as well as more than 60 years ago. You can find a number of excerpts from those articles in the June issue and enjoy others here. For ease of reading, we have not indicated deletions within these excerpts, some of which have been condensed considerably.

The online version features August Krogh, Jack W. Szostak (with Alonso Ricardo), Arthur Kornberg, Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard, J. Michael Bishop, and David H. Hubel.

I think I’ll go out and buy this issue to read more of these gems.

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