Breast Cancer Recurrence & Advanced Disease breaks Amazon top 100 breast cancer books

As you know, we are among some lofty journalists here at PLoS Blogs, including several book authors: Deborah Blum with The Poisoner’s Handbook, Misha Angrist with Here is a Human Being, and Seth Mnookin with The Panic Virus.

Well, I was fortunate enough to contribute over the last few years to a book with my wife, a medical oncologist formerly at Duke, and her breast cancer patient, an English professor at Elon University (together with contributions from her former fellow, now a prviate-practice oncologist in Tennessee).

Breast Cancer Recurrence & Advanced Disease: Comprehensive Expert Guidance, published in October, 2010, by Duke University Press, was written specifically for breast cancer patients and their families in an attempt to guide them through both the medical and emotional aspects of the cancer journey. I’m exceedingly proud of this book because it was held to a very high standard of medical accuracy while also being written in language that is accessible and compassionate.

Here was one of the nice reviews we received:

Breast Cancer Recurrence and Advanced Disease provides a lot of relevant information to women with the condition. It discusses tools and resources to deal with a scary diagnosis, is practical and easy to read, and is written in an objective manner about medicine, daily living, and dying. Women struggling with the condition will find strength and guidance in this book.”—Helena Chang, M.D., Ph.D., Director of the Revlon/UCLA Breast Center

Well, a quick check-in at Amazon this morning revealed that the book has broken the top 100 for breast cancer books. No, we’re not yet Dr. Susan Love, but it’s a nice milestone.

Although I’ve provided the Amazon link here, my personal wish is that should you feel compelled to purchase the book, please do so at your local independent bookstore.

Heartiest congratulations to Barbara, Heather, and Brooke.

Disclosure: My wife will draw royalties from the sale of this book.

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