Chemjobber on cooking process and being a chemist

My CENtral Science blogger pal, Leigh Krietsch Boerner, has been inviting some guest posts at her Just Another Electron Pusher Blog. Today, she features our chemistry job market sensor, the illustrious and witty Chemjobber.

Therein, CJ reflects on Bill Buford’s book, Heat, and the qualities in learning to be a chef that are similar to being a chemist – or any other kind of scientist. In this part 1 post, there nothing about the chemistry of cooking – no Maillard reactions – but more about process and skills.


Postscript ponderable: I wonder what a Maillard reaction on duck breast tastes like.

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One Response to Chemjobber on cooking process and being a chemist

  1. Chemjobber says:

    Re Maillard on the mallard, it’s important. From the very same book (crazy, I know):

    He [a newly senior chef — CJ] turned on Holly because she kept “talking back.” “She wasn’t getting enough color on her duck” — meaning her pan wasn’t hot enough and she wasn’t browning the bird sufficiently — “and I told her, ‘You need more color,’ but she wants to explain. We’re in the middle of service. I don’t want an explanation. I want to hear ‘Yes, Frank, right away, Frank, whatever you say, Frank.'”