Is DEA about to act of K2 Spice synthetic marijuana products?

Since February of this year, we’ve been following the course of sale and local prohibition of products containing synthetic cannabimimetic compounds – “herbal incense” products that go by names like K2, Spice, Black Mamba and are sold in tobacco and head shops and convenience stores, as well as the pure compounds themselves – JWH-018, JWH-250 – available from internet retailers. (UPDATE: No sooner had I pressed “Publish” on this post than I saw a story at local WRAL-TV on young adults having unpleasant experiences with a K2 product.)

These products are no longer legal in Europe and it’s beginning to look like they are on their way out in the US. Currently 15 states have banned the products and the compounds therein. But the US Drug Enforcement Agency has been unusually silent on this issue publicly although they’ve been covering the trend as early as their March 2009 issue of their monthly Microgram publication. Microgram makes for great reading just to see how creative drug smugglers can be – however, I’m disappointed that the HTML version containing photographs of various products and tactics ended May 2009.

In any case, the following is a 5 1/2-minute interview with Ava Cooper Davis, Special Agent in Charge of the DEA Washington Division, on DC’s WTTG-TV last Thursday. This is the first DEA representative I’ve seen on television commenting publicly on their investigation of synthetic marijuana products.

At around 4:30 of the interview, Davis states:

“We are collecting intelligence. . .working with our state and local partners and, in addition to that, we’re conducting scientific evaluation to make the determination as to whether or not this needs to be scheduled.”

Source:, WTTG-TV, Channel 5 – 21 October 2010

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6 Responses to Is DEA about to act of K2 Spice synthetic marijuana products?

  1. Synchronium says:

    however, I’m disappointed that the HTML version containing photographs of various products and tactics ended May 2009.

    Shite quality photographs at that!

    These products are no longer legal in Europe and it’s beginning to look like they are on their way out in the US

    The chemicals themselves (and a great deal of possible derivatives) were banned, rather than the individual products. This of course meant that suitable legal and effective replacements could be (and were) found.

    I’m sure some EU countries and possibly some US states just banned everything that was listed on the back though, most of which are ineffective when smoked in those quantities and in most cases weren’t actually in the offending product.

  2. EPhatMa says:

    Their scheduling folks had a poster at the CPDD meeting this past summer that said the same thing “we’re watching, evaluating”. Same deal with mephedrone (4-methylmethcathinone). What is curious to me is why the answer is not just “This runs afoul of the Analog provision, done-deal”. Is the Analog law actually this toothless in practice? DEA and local law enforcement really can’t act on the basis of similar structure or similar pharmacological effect?

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  5. Robert says:

    I would just like to put my experiences with this product out there. I have been using Marijuana for many many years now although this product Is similar to the effects of weed it is not the same. People need to understand that like any substance (caffeine, food, alcohol,…..) If abused or mis understood/misused can have adverse potentially life threatening side effects. Always know what you are doing and use in moderation or it can be harmful
    in some way..Duh! rather than try to make every substance on the planet Illegal and put Innocent Americans in jail because the government cant respect peoples privacy (that is supposed to be protected by our Constitution)that is wrong. Some day if we continue this way we could be put in jail for coffee or a hamburger, why not they can kill you. Basically what I’m saying is if you don’t know what you are doing dont use this product and if you do the research use caution. The truth is that this substance if properly used can have the same Positive medicinal benefits of Medical Marijuana. I personally think that this has the potential of being a better option than Marijuana for many reasons. One, it is cheaper(compared to the balloned value of Marijuana). second, there are different types of this substance that effect the body/mind in different ways due to the selective affinity to the cannabinoid receptors depending on the chemical. which means it could have many medicinal values. Third, to get the desired effect you dont have to smoke it. It can be effectivly and safely broken down into liquid form using grain alcohol (95%/v edible corn alcohol), and applied to food or your favorite drink. You just need to calculate the mixture to be able to understand the dosage. IE: 1g added to 100ml or 3.39 ounces of grain alcohol = 10mg/ml. Smoking this substance is effective but not recomended, due to the fact that you are changing the chemical composition and possibly introducing unwanted chemicals and carcinogens. not to mention is much harder to get an accurate dose due to the fact that it is active smoked at only .5mg and to accurately measure that size of dose you need a super expensive scale. cheap scales are not the way to go due to accuracy in small doses. When taking orally an effective dose of 018 is around 10mg but is imperative to dilute in grain alcohol (using other solvent can pose a danger including rubbing alcohol DANGEROUS!)Grain alcohol is the same as potent vodka, edible but use responsibly. And just add to a drink or food like you would hash or Marijuana extracts, It takes more than smoking but has less side effects. Smoked dose equals 1-4mg “good luck measuring that” or Orally dose equals 10-20mg diluted in alcohol 1g+100ml=10mg/ml so the dose should be measured at 1-2ml. You can get a ml measuring dropper usually from any pharmacy for free or very cheap just ask the pharmacist. That is the safest way to effectively use and measure this substance safely with no known side effects different than Marijuana IE: red eyes, munchies, short term memory, and possible anxiety. Everyone needs to understand that its not the substance that is harmful, Its the person using it. just like a gun. not everyone should have one due to mental problems, stupidity, or lack of knowledge. becaus you may harm yourself or others. But educated sane people should be allowed if they know what they are doing. I agree that like Marijuana, alcohol, cigg’s…… should be regulated in some sense to keep out of reach of children and young adults who are immature and don’t know what they are doing. but to others should be a right. how is this substance or Marijuana different or more harmful than Alcohol? other than the fact that more than likely you wont loose control and beat up your wife or children like you may on alcohol. To me its a little bit of an oxymoron to say that alcohol is safe but this or marijuana isn’t and people should go to jail for having it. That is just stupid propaganda made by stupid people, and supported by stupid people. Basically, this is a human rights problem no different than slavery or segregation. IE: you can become a prisoner for possession and forced to be locked up against your will. you must pass a drug test to be able to get most jobs, yet anyone who abuses alcohol is fine and those who take prescription drugs (even if that drug is similar in effects or worse physically addictive) those are ok, no matter the side effects(some deadly). Yet these are highly discriminated against. It makes sense to me “NOT”. But i guess we as a society will never be perfect. Anyone who believes that is not only stupid but a hypocrite. Lets free America again. Back to our original values. Stop turning innocent Americans into criminals. Stop privatizing prisons/jails, definitely don’t let judges benefit financially from convictions or owning a stake in a private jail. Free all Americans who are jailed for cannabinoid substances (jwh,Marijuana).”FREE AMERICA!”

  6. Dave says:

    The D.E.A. doesn’t comment on ACTIVE investigations. Right now, there is an ongoing Congressional inquiry into “head shops” nationally. I know of at least three U.S. Senators and five Congressmen who are actively pursuing a federal resolution to both synthetic drugs AND glass pipes being sold retail across the U.S. U.S. Customs will be shutting down head shops in Florida that do not comply with new State laws regarding the sale of these items. In Georgia and Texas, U.S. Customs is working on Statewide raids of head shops. In N.C. and Alabama Statewide raids are on the way for stores selling synthetic drugs and ALL of the people involved at the political level are in regular contact with the Justice Department on the head shop issue. The D.E.A.’s stated position if you call them is that “No Matter What You Claim You Are Doing” beit “For Tobacco Use Only” or” Not For Consumption” or ” Art Glass Gallery” THEY DO NOT CARE! Everything being sold retail in head shops is illegal drug paraphernalia and as soon as they are given a “mandate” by the Justice Department they will be raiding these stores and closing them. Those are quotes from the D.E.A. PLEASE CALL THEM TO VERIFY YOURSELF.