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Put yourself in the shoes of Big Pharma

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Chemjobber on cooking process and being a chemist

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Top 5 Nobel Prize searches

Category: History | 7 Comments

Breast Cancer Recurrence and Advanced Disease: Comprehensive Expert Guidance

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Is DEA about to act of K2 Spice synthetic marijuana products?

Category: Drugs of Abuse | 6 Comments

Press release journalism and the faulty press release

Category: Cancer, Dietary Supplements, Natural Products Pharmacology | 3 Comments

Mary Knudson launches Heart Sense blog

Category: Blogging community, Chronic Illness, Journalists, Awesome | 5 Comments

Royce Murray and the problem of science bloggers

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Gratitude for our readers

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Little Colored Girls Want To Wear Pearls Too

Category: Civil Rights, History, Underrepresented Groups in Science and Medicine | 20 Comments