This Week in PLoS Medicine: Treatment and recovery for trachomatous trichiasis; Group dynamics in research consortiums

Image Credit: Pat Pilon

In a randomized, non-inferiority trial, Saul Rajak and colleagues compare epilation and surgery for the management of minor trichiasis in Ethiopia, the country with the most cases of trachomatous trichiasis.

In a randomized trial, Saul Rajak and colleagues compare silk sutures (removed at 7-10 days) or absorbable sutures (left in place) during surgery for the management of trachomatous trichiasis.

Judith Rosmalen and Albertine Oldehinkel describe their experience in the TRAILS research consortium to discuss why research teams might publish contradictory or inconsistent results despite procedures to avoid this; they emphasize the role of internal group dynamics rather than faulty publication practices.

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