This week in PLoS Medicine: NTDs; H1N1 in Vietnam; Suicide risk for seniors

Read the new papers published in PLoS Medicine this week, including a Research Article that analyzes the initial outbreak, attempts at containment, and establishment of community transmission of pandemic H1N1 influenza in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and a Policy Forum that discusses the suicide risk and opportunities for suicide prevention in seniors’ residential communities.

Also published this week, is a PLoS Medicine Debate that examines the different approaches that can be taken to tackle neglected tropical diseases (NTDs). Some commentators, such as Jerry Spiegel and colleagues from the University of British Columbia, feel there has been too much focus on the biomedical mechanisms and drug development for NTDs, at the expense of attention to the social determinants of disease. Burton Singer argues that this approach represents another example of the inappropriate “overmedicalization” of contemporary tropical disease control. Peter Hotez and colleagues, in contrast, argue that the best return on investment will continue to be mass drug administration for NTDs.

You can comment on, annotate, and rate this week’s PLoS Medicine articles and any of the others in the archive.

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