This week in PLoS Medicine: HIV-associated morbidity in adolescents; Policy prohibiting ghostwriting; Measuring hsCRP – Important or clinically redundant?

Read the new papers published in PLoS Medicine this week, including a Research Article that finds nearly half of adolescents admitted to two public hospitals in Zimbabwe were HIV positive and its related Perspective that discusses the implications of this study.

Also published this week, an Essay that discusses whether measuring hsCRP is an important part of a comprehensive risk profile or a clinically redundant practice and a Policy Forum that finds of the 50 top US medical schools, as defined by the 2009 US News and World Report’s research ranking, only 13 (26%) have publicly available policies in place that strictly prohibit ghostwriting.

You can comment on, annotate, and rate this week’s PLoS Medicine articles and any of the others in the archive.

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