Exoplanets bore me (and what that means for science news)

Please, before you pillory me for being so jaded that I’ve stopped caring about something so monumental as the discovery of planets around other stars, read on. My participation at a wonderful SpotOn NYC science communications event on Feb. 20, “Telling Stories with Scientists,” led me into some terrific, thoughtful discussions about the value of narrative in science writing and the difficulties of incorporating those into news coverage. Not all the good conversation was confined to the event; it continued to fine effect afterward on Twitter.

What follows is a Storify I compiled of the exchange.



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2 Responses to Exoplanets bore me (and what that means for science news)

  1. Craig Wuthrich says:

    A good discussion indeed, and I’m glad you weren’t pilloried too hard for being bored by exoplanets. I’m reminded of Apollo 13, which might be another extreme example of how even the greatest of scientific endeavors can become boring to the public (until they explode and imperil our astronauts).

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