Science Bloggers’ Year of Favorites

Yesterday, I put together a list of my favorite pieces of my own work from the past year. But why not spread the favoritism around? Here’s a compilation of similar lists—some selecting the writer’s own work, some shining the spotlight on others who deserve it—by the science blogosphere’s brightest. I’ll try to update it as I learn of others; please feel welcome to add more in comments.

My apologies to anyone I’ve managed to leave out; if this exercise in compilation shows anything, it’s that the science blogosphere is rich in wonderful voices and remarkable writing. Thanks for lots of great work, everybody.

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8 Responses to Science Bloggers’ Year of Favorites

  1. Alex Wild says:

    Awesome, thanks for curating this list! (Nothing warms the heart of a taxonomist more than solid curation…)

    Not blog posts per se, but here are my top photographs : The Best of Myrmecos 2011

  2. KateClancy says:

    Thanks for including my list, and compiling so many others! Now I have some fun reading while my daughter watches Sesame Street Christmas Eve this morning…

  3. David Kroll says:

    Thanks, mate! Truth be told, I cheated: mine are representative posts from my six years of blogging. I put it together as a sampler for faculty in the NC State Department of English who are considering bringing me into their stead. but it was fun to make it public for all readers. Thanks again and a warm, Happy New Year to you!

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