The Case for Unlimited Tablet Time for Toddlers

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This sounds extreme, but first let me ask: how many parents do you think actually keep track of their kids’ screen time? If the TV is on but one of the children wanders out of the room, does that count? … Continue reading »

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The Salamander Crossing Brigades: Citizen Science for Salamanders in Southwest New Hampshire

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Citizen scientists of the Salamander Crossing Brigades in New Hampshire help thousands of salamanders safely across dangerous roads in their migratory journey to the vernal pools. Find out how they contribute to conservation research by tracking and monitoring the salamanders on … Continue reading »

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Time of death

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I really hoped she was dead. It wasn’t personal. It was as far from personal as possible. I had never met the patient while she was alive.   Every four days, my team and I are on call at the … Continue reading »

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Simple but elusive – why are we still talking about HIV drug delivery?

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Ahead of the International AIDS Society (IAS) Conference held in 2015 in Vancouver, Canada (July 19-22), Helen Bygrave of MSF discusses her frustrations with the lack of implementation of simple, programmatic strategies for improving HIV care. My main memory of … Continue reading »

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Snark-Hunters Once More: Rejuvenating the Comparative Approach in Modern Neuroscience

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By Jeremy Borniger 65 years ago, the famed behavioral endocrinologist Frank Beach wrote an article in The American Psychologist entitled ‘The Snark was a Boojum’. The title refers to Lewis Carroll’s poem ‘The Hunting of the Snark’, in which several … Continue reading »

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What you might not know about Pluto and the New Horizons mission

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Even with Iran nukes, and Greece surrender, and Donald Trump to absorb you this week, you can hardly have escaped immersion in NASA’s New Horizons mission and the triumphant Pluto flyby. Still, here are some bloggeries about this extraordinary space … Continue reading »

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“Saving Eliza” Campaign Helps Another Child

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Valerie Byers had long suspected that her son Will’s diagnosis of autism was wrong. So when she saw a clip on the homepage of the Today Show about a little girl named Eliza, in late February, she knew instantly that 5-year-old … Continue reading »

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Lucrative pseudoscience at the International Positive Psychology Association meeting

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A plenary session dripping with crank science may be an outlier, but it’s on a continuum with the claims of mainstream positive psychology.  Follow the conference attendees following the money, does it take you to science? Imagine… Imagine a PhD … Continue reading »

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NASA and SciStarter enlist citizen scientists for nationwide research that examines soil moisture conditions and water availability

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Philadelphia, PA – NASA scientists are on a mission to map global soil moisture, and through SciStarter, they’re teaming up with citizen scientists to gather valuable data from the ground to complement and validate what is seen from space. Known … Continue reading »

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The Outrage Factor – Then and Now

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  There’s a lot of outrage about outrage storming around women in science and science journalism at the moment. And fear of causing it, too. It’s easy to cast outrage as inimical to thinking and discussion. It’s not unusual to want … Continue reading »

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