Coop’s Scoop: Mind over Mainframe – next #CitSciChat discusses citizen science games

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The next time you get into an argument with your laptop or shake a fist at your computer, try to refrain from calling it “a stupid machine.” That would be gloating. We really are more intelligent than our computers. Case … Continue reading »

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The dangers of doing nothing: What pregnant women need to know about clinical trials

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Please welcome a guest post by Kaitlin Bell Barnett, who writes about health and medicine for various print and online outlets. She’s at work on a book about medications and medical care in pregnancy. Her first child is due in July. … Continue reading »

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Nanocrafter: Playing a Game of Synthetic Biology

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On its surface, it looks like just another science puzzle game. In reality, the game is part of a broader goal to enable non-scientists to contribute to synthetic biology research. ‘It’ is Nanocrafter, a project created by researchers and game … Continue reading »

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Epigenome Project, robot ethics, one-way trip to Mars

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  Here’s the Epigenome Project The headline on Rachel Feltman’s post at Speaking of Science said the epigenome project was awesome, which is as good an introduction as any. That slew of two dozen papers in Nature and its associated … Continue reading »

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Climate Change By Numbers

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Happy New Year (er…)! Sorry for the total lack of posts since September – I’ve been busy settling into my new lectureship at The Open University, a UK distance learning university based in Milton Keynes. I’ve joined the research group … Continue reading »

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GAN Gene Therapy Trial Gets Green Light

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Last Friday, February 13th, Lori Sames couldn’t stop crying as she stared at her screen in a coffee shop near her home in Rexford, New York. The announcement had just gone up at NCT02362438: Intrathecal Administration of scAAV9/JeT-GAN for … Continue reading »

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Plain packaging tobacco: a global battle not yet won

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This week, we hear from Dr Genevieve Bois, MD and spokesperson for the Québec Coalition for Tobacco Control on the important but unfinished battle that is plain packaging of tobacco products. Tobacco use is the number one cause of preventable … Continue reading »

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Book Review: What Cancer Teaches Us About Ourselves

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Seth M. Holmes from University of California Berkeley and Molly Hales from University of California San Francisco and Berkeley review Malignant: How Cancer Becomes Us by S. Lochlann Jain. Much as we might want to render cancer an external threat to … Continue reading »

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Warming in Our Winter Wonderland: The Role of Ice in Penguin, Polar Bear, and Ivory Gull Survival

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As winter grips the Northern Hemisphere tightly, many of us are happy to retreat to the comfort of our warm homes. But for some animals, this season plays a vital role in the formation of something necessary for their survival, … Continue reading »

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Updated: The Sketchbook of Susan Kare, the Artist Who Gave Computing a Human Face

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Wonderful update: When Susan first told me that she still had this sketchbook in her attic while I was writing the introduction to her book Icons, I became tremendously excited. I asked her to please bring it to me so … Continue reading »

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