About Obesity Panacea

Obesity Panacea is written by two obesity researchers: Peter Janiszewski, PhD, and Travis Saunders, PhD, CEP.

While working together at Queen’s University, Peter and I were constantly discussing, or more accurately, ranting about, the latest weight loss gimmick that we had seen on television, online or in print. While some of these gimmicks (like the Hawaii Chair) were hilarious and clearly ridiculous, we worried that these products were distracting people from the health behaviours that actually work. We had recently started reading the blogs of Dr Arya Sharma and Dr Yoni Freedhoff, two Canadian physicians working in the field of obesity, and decided that a blog would be a fun way for us to speak-out about about all of these gimmicks.

Obesity Panacea began as a way to educate people about the science (or lack thereof) behind popular weight loss products, and has grown to include discussions of the latest news and research regarding obesity, nutrition and physical activity. Previous posts have ranged from discussions of Acai Berry and Human Chorionic Gonadotropin to the links between breast size and diabetes risk and simple ways to incorporate physical activity into daily life. There is a tremendous amount of misinformation and social baggage surrounding obesity, nutrition, and physical activity (most of which is only exacerbated by mainstream news media), and as researchers who study these very topics we feel that it is our responsibility to bring scientific evidence to the public discourse.

We are absolutely thrilled to be joining this new PLoS BLOGS community, and we’re looking forward to getting to know our fellow Ploggers!  PLoS has done great work in promoting science through Open Access, and we share their passion for making science as accessible as possible to the public as possible.  You can find our archives at ObesityPanacea.com, as well as Obesity Panacea on Scienceblogs.

About the Authors

Travis Saunders has PhD in Exercise Physiology from the University of Ottawa in Ontario, Canada. Travis completed his BSc (Hon) in Kinesiology at the University of Calgary, where he was awarded the Gold Medal for the highest academic proficiency in his class.  His PhD studies focused on the relationship between sedentary behaviour and metabolic risk in children and youth, and was supported by a Doctoral Research Awards from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the Canadian Diabetes Association, as well as an Excellence Award from the University of Ottawa.  He was also the inaugural recipient of the University of Ottawa Teaching Assistant Excellence Award.

Travis is a Certified Exercise Physiologist, and a member of The Sedentary Behaviour Research Network, The Obesity Society, the North American Society for Pediatric Exercise Medicine, the Canadian Obesity Network, and the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology. He is also a former Content Editor at ResearchBlogging.org.

In his spare time Travis is a competitive distance runner. He has medaled in both the Calgary and Manitoba International Marathons, and completed his first Boston Marathon in 2009.  You can find out more about Travis here.

Peter Janiszewski, Ph.D., is a medical writer and editor, published researcher, science blogger and an advocate of new media in scientific knowledge translation.

Peter has published numerous studies, reviews and commentaries in peer-reviewed medical journals on topics related to exercise, diet, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, sexual dysfunction, oncology, and others. He has also presented his research at various international scientific conferences.

To aid in the dissemination of scientific knowledge, Peter also contributes articles for the popular press, health newsletters, and has appeared in national newspapers and on the radio.

He blogs at Obesity Panacea and is the Health/Clinical Research Editor for ResearchBlogging.org.

For more information, please visit his website.

11 Responses to About Obesity Panacea

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  5. Megan says:

    I was directed to this website as an introduction to scuence journalism in a communications course I am taking at the University Of Alberta and was very impressed by this article. I am studying Nutrition and am in my second year and the misinformation and poor eating/ excerise habits of todays society is what has really attracted me to this profession. I think your studies are great and definitely needed among society today! Thanks!
    Megan Hoffman

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  7. Ranae Conkey says:

    I really enjoy the article.Thanks Again. Awesome.

  8. Weight loss is a huge money making industry, there is always going to be someone who convinces people that they have found a weird ‘trick’ that will burn the fat off them magically…

    In Australia I did see here on tv you could strap electrodes to yourself and pulse electric current through your body which would ‘melt’ the fat. This thing would also vibrate as well which was meant to enhance the fat loss effect.

    People will go to extremes to lose weight… except clean up their diet lol

    • Jacy Pawelek says:

      I agree that weight loss is a money business. Obesity is a world wide issue that tons of people face and so they turn to the pill to try and get a sense of themselves back. It is sad that the weight loss world has become a business of money and not one where everyone wants people to just get into shape. The world is full of over weight people now because everyone thinks that there is an easy way out of everything with the weight loss pills. People assume that they can eat whatever they want whenever they want, and do not have to workout or put extra work in to get rid of this weight. They simply turn to a pill that costs over $50 a bottle and when they get off of it they will gain the weight back. Its sad that humans have no want to work for anything anymore because there are these get out of jail free cards that are offered. Obesity is taking over America and it is very sad and an overwhelming issue that cannot be faced unless we realize that there is no easy way out and that eating fast food and sweets everyday is terrible for yourself. Weight loss pills and all the easy fixes need to go because they are not helping anyone get better at controlling their weight or staying away from the table because they think they can just take a pill and all will be okay.

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