Canadian Obesity Network needs your support

A few of the folks who have donated to support CON so far

Time for a brief Public Service Announcement.

Regular readers of Obesity Panacea will be well aware of the good work done by the Canadian Obesity Network (CON).  Peter and I have benefited greatly from their work – we both attended their student retreat (aka the CON bootcamp), we liveblogged their most recent Obesity Summit in Montreal, and they have also provided financial and in-kind support for public outreach events like our recent debates titled “Forks vs Feet” and “Is Obesity A Disease?“.   They have plenty of other initiatives as well, and are at the forefront of the battle to end weight bias and discrimination.  Despite being a Canadian organization, CON is now the largest obesity-related organization in the world.  What’s more, becoming a CON member is completely free.

So why the CON-focus today?  Well, the National Centre of Excellence grant that was used to create CON ran out 2 years ago, and CON now needs financial support to keep going.  Given all the good work that CON is doing, and especially given that it’s all been done without charging any membership fees, I’m urging people to check out their donation page to donate a few dollars to the cause today.  The wordle above shows several of the folks who have donated to support CON so far, and regular readers will recognize a number of familiar names among them.

I don’t know of any group that is doing as much to promote obesity prevention, treatment and research as CON, especially given that they have been able to avoid charging any membership fees whatsoever until now (for context, I pay up to $400/year for my other professional memberships, and that’s for the relatively cheap “student” membership).  So if you have benefited from the work of CON (especially former CON bootcampers), attended their public events here in Ottawa or elsewhere, or simply think they are doing important work, it would be really great if you would consider donating a few dollars, and spread the word online.


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3 Responses to Canadian Obesity Network needs your support

  1. Jane says:

    I tried to donate at their website by credit card. Although I put in my country, United States, I was only given Provinces and not States so my attempted donation did not go through. I will send a check but you should tell them about this problem.

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