Introducing Liz Losin, Cultural Neuroscientist

Greg and I are happy to welcome Liz Losin to Neuroanthropology PLOS as a contributor. Liz is a cultural neuroscientist who from the earliest days of her education has sought to bring together neuroscience and anthropology. She’s now a post-doc in the Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience Lab at The University of Colorado Boulder after doing her PhD at UCLA through the Interdepartmental Neuroscience Program and the Center for Culture, Brain, and Development.

Liz first came to my attention through her work on science outreach, in particular the video she made on Neuroplasticity for the Society for Neuroscience 2011 Brain Awareness Video Contest.

One of Liz’s early papers, written with her Ph.D. advisors Mirella Dapretto and Marco Iacoboni, remains one of the most explicitly neuroanthropological pieces written by a neuroscientist – Culture in the mind’s mirror: how anthropology and neuroscience can inform a model of the neural substrate for cultural imitative learning (pdf). Liz is someone who takes anthropology very seriously, even as she continues to develop outstanding expertise and breadth of knowledge within neuroscience.

Look for plenty of good stuff coming from Liz. She has an introductory post which should be up soon, and then plans to blog on cultural neuroscience, the impact of neuroscience on society and health (and vice versa), monkeys and apes and humans (a long-standing interest of hers, dating back to her undergraduate work on ape learning and communication), and more.

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