On Play and Dance: Two Videos

Two videos I’ve seen recently that I want to share.

The first is this great scene of monkeys doing cannonballs into their very own pool. The video was shot at the Sun Temple in Jaipur, India. There are so many macaques there the place is often called “Monkey Temple.”

The other is my niece Kelsey Siepser, an actor and artist in LA, with her piece Dancers. She describes it as “an experiment in character and narrative” and put it together herself – “conceived, performed, shot, and edited” – during her second year of her masters in acting at USC.

Dancers from Kelsey Siepser on Vimeo.

A great pleasure for me to watch! Kelsey is also a painter, with her recent work shown here at Kinetic Rose Painting.

Joy, creativity, expression – how these find themselves in the interstices of life, and yet knit our lives together into a greater whole. And since I can’t paint or act, perhaps I’ll do some cannonballs with my kids this afternoon in the pool.

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