More fun with Visualizations

This has been another week working on visualizations. I have summarized some of the results in a blog post over at the PLoS API website. One of my current favorites is the dot chart. PLoS Computational Biology publishes a collection of Ten Simple Rules. The dot chart below summarizes the HTML pageviews, PDF downloads and Mendeley readers for this collection (click on the image for a larger size).

On Wednesday I gave a presentation about Article-Level Metrics, using many of the same visualizations. You can find the slides over at Speaker Deck (my new favorite to upload presentation slides).

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3 Responses to More fun with Visualizations

  1. Martin, would it not be more useful to have the Mendelay readers shown graphically rather than numerically?

  2. Martin Fenner says:

    Yes, but I can’t add them directly to the dot chart because of the different scale. Maybe a circle representing the Mendeley reader number?

  3. Not sure, but that is the wonderful challenge of visualization. :-)