Lend your voice to NCDs for a chance to join NCDFREE in Vienna


Win a trip to Vienna to join NCDFREE at the WHO Ministerial Meeting on Non-Communicable Disease. (click on above to watch)


NCDFREE is a global social movement that aims to bring societal and political attention to NCDs (diabetes, heart disease, cancers, lung disease and mental health) through personal narratives focusing on inspiring, young change-makers.

Launched last week, in time for the World Health Assembly, NCDFREE has a new challenge for the global community.

You have one week left to submit 15 seconds of footage of yourself, and answer 3 questions via the NCDFREE website. All you need is a smartphone, camera or video camera and a passion for addressing NCDs!

Two contributors, passionate about Global Health, will get the chance to join the NCDFREE team in Vienna next month for the UN meeting!

Go to www.ncdfree.org for more information and support this important Global Health cause today!


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