T-Minus four days to TEDMED.

Less than a 7 days to go, next week is TEDMED 2013. The conference and convening synonymous with innovation, inspiration and illumination (light-bulb moments), it’s promising to be a packed program of sensational speakers.


Growing up in Australia, where I completed med school and worked as a doctor, TEDMED was a pipe-dream and always seemed like a world away. A distant hub of activity and a meeting of the world’s brightest in health thinking and innovation. I would podcast, vodcast and stream as much TEDMED as my download-allowance would allow, developing an insatiable hunger for the outward, onward and upward thinking of the TEDMED narrators.

imgresWell, in 2013, it is no longer a dream. I am delighted to be attending next week – the doc from down-under – to Washington DC as a TEDMED Frontline Scholar.

Best of all, you’ll be attending with me!

Blogging live from the event all week, I will be writing a blog a day, sometimes more. Short, sharp ideas direct from the stage to you, via the PLOS Blogs Network.

Some of the sensational speakers, which need no introduction, include Harvey Fineberg, Ben Lillie, America Bracho, Francis S Collins, Christopher Murray and Richard Payne… Beacons of health-innovation for the global community, they are set to take the stage and share their ideas, ideologies and breakthroughs with their peers worldwide.


In addition to Translational Global Health, TEDMEDlive will be streaming live and delay-cast to many locations around the globe… An opportunity to join the buzz from afar, I would encourage you to find a local satellite seat and settle in for the ride.

So stay tuned and switch on – it’s [almost] TEDMED time!




Dr Alessandro Demaio is a medical doctor, originally from Melbourne, Australia, with a Masters in Public Health. In 2010, Sandro began a PhD in Global Health with the University of Copenhagen, focusing on Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs). His primary research project is based in Mongolia. As a Director for NCD Action, in 2013 Alessandro is a fellow at the Copenhagen School of Global Health and Harvard Medical School.

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