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About EveryONE

This blog is for authors who have published with us and for users who haven’t; it contains a little something for everyone, hence the name.

We feature:

  • Blog Picks of the Month – Partnering up with our friends at researchblogging.org, PLOS ONE‘s Jen Laloup makes a monthly selection of the best blog of a PLOS ONE scientific paper, the Blog Pick of the Month. We feature the both the blog post and the source article and award a prizes to the blogger and PLOS ONE authors.
  • Media CoveragePLOS ONE papers are in the world’s media on a daily basis. Keep tabs on interesting research and science reporting based on your papers published in our journal by following PLOS ONE In The News.
  • Information for authors (how to, etc)
  • Feedback – Every journal has its good days and its not so good days. We try to give you the latest updates on any new developments, from technology upgrades and disruptions to new editorial policies and changes to PLOS staff. We also want your feedback: if you think we need to know about any problems, or you have recently had a particularly good experience as an author or user, you can post a comment to let us know.
  • Interviews – We want to share your work, its impact, and your experiences of working with PLOS ONE with others who might be curious about what it’s really like to publish here.

Commenting Policy

All good blogs offer the ability for users to correspond directly with those running them. This one is no different. Our platform allows us to approve comments before we post them and naturally we won’t post anything inappropriate (rude, insulting, personal, etc.). If you need clarity on anything, feel free to write a polite comment and we will try to reply transparently and quickly.

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  2. Delia Goletti says:

    I was wondering if there is the possibility for an author of Plos One to know how many times the paper has been down loaded through the web.
    thank you for the info


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