Summer Service Update

As we are now a month into the summer season, we wanted to let our authors know in advance that they may experience a slight delay in the peer review process of their manuscript if they submit anytime between now and the end of September. This is because many of our editorial board members and reviewers are away from the office for conferences, holidays or are conducting fieldwork during this time of year. We will do our utmost to process your manuscript in a prompt manner, but please be aware that historically, we have experienced some delays between now and September. We will endeavor to ensure that all manuscripts submitted to PLoS ONE are evaluated as quickly as possible, but please accept our advance apologies for any delays you experience.

Between our offices in the UK and the US, we will work to respond to emails sent to the PLoS ONE inbox ( as quickly as possible. However, in the meantime, you may wish to visit some of the following pages on our websites, which may help to answer your question:

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