PLoS ONE Wins Recognition as a “SPARC Innovator”

“For blazing a new trail in open-access journals, inspiring broader change in scholarly publishing, and thriving along the way, SPARC (the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition) has named the Public Library of Science’s (PLoS) PLoS ONE as the SPARC Innovator for June 2011.”

Today it was announced that PLoS ONE has been named a SPARC Innovator by the Association of Research Libraries’ Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition. We are very proud to have received this significant honor from a leading resource in Open Access (OA) advocacy.

In particular, SPARC’s recognition of PLoS ONE (which you can read in full on the SPARC website) highlights our contributions to changing the way science is communicated (namely, post-publication peer review and alt-metrics) and our success in proving that Open Access publishing is a viable and successful business model.

PLoS ONE is a game-changer. It breaks through the preconception that authors—and readers—require a journal to determine the significance of scientific research, and demonstrates that the community is ready and willing to take on that role,” says Heather Joseph, SPARC’s Executive Director.

In welcoming this award, we also want to highlight the fact that our tremendous success has been possible thanks to the dedication of our staff, authors, editors, reviewers and everyone in the PLoS ONE ecosystem. This award and others is for them.

This announcement has been cross-posted from the Official PLoS Blog.

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