Ask everyONE: Introducing PLoS ONE Video Shorts

As you may know, Ask everyONE was created to help authors with common questions they encounter while submitting their manuscript to PLoS ONE.  Now, I’d like to introduce PLoS ONE Video Shorts – new videos that will help answer the questions authors, academic editors and reviewers have about Editorial Manager (our peer review software).  The videos, 18 in all,  averaging less than 3 minutes in length, were created by the PLoS ONE staff and are designed to teach you how to navigate EM quickly.

The video shorts can be located in our Most Common Questions (FAQ) page or found in the Ask everyONE category on the left hand side of this blog down below.

For an answer that is even speedier than emailing us, we urge our authors, academic editors and reviewers to check our Common Questions FAQ and/or watch the Video Shorts before emailing us. If you can’t find your answer there, please contact us at

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