PLoS on Internet TV – Open Access and Scientific Publishing

Last week I had the opportunity to appear, with Jason Hoyt of Mendeley, in episode 14 of The Science Hour with Kirsten Sanford (Dr Kiki) and Leo Laporte (on Leo’s site).

The discussion lasted about an hour and tackled various aspects of academic publishing in the internet era, open science, open access, how academics are measured and rewarded in the university tenure system, and our new developments in the area of Article-Level Metrics.

It can be accessed via Vimeo or at the original archive location and should be of interest to anyone interested in how academic publishing is changing today. I would like to thank Dr Kiki for the opportunity to appear and for the fascinating discussions that resulted.

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2 Responses to PLoS on Internet TV – Open Access and Scientific Publishing

  1. steelgraham says:

    I’ve watched many talks about the types of issues discussed, and this is the most up to date, entertaining and informative one on the web I’m aware of.

    I downloaded it and then uploaded it to Vimeo to create a version that I (or anyone else) could embed and blog.

    Fascinating discussions indeed, Pete !!!

  2. steelgraham says:

    ++UPDATE++ Some soundbites from the show have been inserted into a musical mash-up by “fibonaccirumors” and uploaded to YouTube. It’s called “Fix Science – Open Access” and the link is Enjoy !!

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