Wired Science Launches A New Blog Network

Yes, indeed. The science blogosphere is certainly changing, but in a very, very good way.

Today, Wired Science launched their new network, with all-stars like David Dobbs, Maryn McKenna, Brian Switek, Jonah Lehrer, Rhett Allain, and Brian Romans. Whew — what a lineup!

Kudos to the team working behind the scenes to get the Wired network off the ground, including Community Manager, Arikia Millikan, and Wired Science Editor, Betsy Mason, who said in her intro post, “…we plan to be an active and collaborative member of the broader science blogging community.”

So aside from ogling their incredible lineup, we here at PLoS Blogs are excited to work with our buddies at Wired to find new ways to push science communication forward.

This is clearly a great time for science blogging. The recent emergence of so many new networks shows the important role a strong community plays in supporting new forms of science communication. With these networks working together, we’re poised to see some cool things happen over the approaching months — things no single network could achieve on its own.

On behalf of PLoS Blogs, let me offer a hearty ‘congratulations’ to the entire Wired team and their new bloggers. We’ll certainly be reading….

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3 Responses to Wired Science Launches A New Blog Network

  1. Maryn says:

    I am starting to think of Scienceblogs as a puffball that burst and seeded the forest floor of the blogosphere. Behold, new growth… :-)

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