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Community Guidelines for Comments, Blog Posts, and Other Content

  • Don’t plagiarize
  • Don’t defame others
  • Don’t name-call, attack, threaten, or use profanity
  • Don’t use posts to promote products or services
  • Don’t use third-party content without permission
  • If you do have permission to use third-party content, give proper attribution*

PLOS reserves the right to remove any content that violates these guidelines, to block repeat and/or egregious violators from posting, and to suspend accounts as we deem necessary.

If you include third-party content in your posts, you alone are responsible for complying with applicable laws and for getting permission from the content owner as necessary.

If you rely on fair use to justify use of third-party content, you alone are responsible for making sure your use constitutes actual fair use under the law.

* Proper attribution includes listing the author or creator of the content, the title or other name of the content, a link to the content, and a statement of the license under which the content was made available (if any). Snake Bite In Asia: A Review, Alirol, et al,, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

For more information on the Creative Commons Attribution License that PLOS applies to articles it publishes, see


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