Community Guidelines

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  • Don’t post anything illegal:
    Seriously, don’t do it. If we find you doing anything illegal, we won’t think it’s funny. Because, well, it’s not. We won’t try to understand. If you’re one of our bloggers, we’ll just remove your site. If you’re a user of the site, we’ll ban you. No questions asked.
  • Please behave yourselves:
    Do we even need to say that? Blogs draw in diverse crowds, especially around polar topics and hot-button issues. Avoid name-calling, libelous comments, personal threats/attacks, which may be viewed by PLoS management or users as site abuse, and may result in suspension of your account.
  • Don’t plagiarize:
    The content that you upload should be yours. If it’s not your content, or your content cross-posted from somewhere else, you should properly cite the source and observe fair use.
  • If you leave a comment, you’ll have to supply a username and a valid email address:
    No long registration process required. Fill out two simple lines, and your comment will be registered.
  • About reader re-use of blog content:  All blog posts published on PLOS BLOGS Network are freely available to anyone under an unrestricted CCBY 4.0 Creative Commons License requiring only attribution. With a CCBY license, the blogger keeps copyright but allows anyone to copy and distribute the work provided the individual blogger is given credit.
  • Guidelines for Attribution: A good rule of thumb is to use the acronym TASL, which stands for Title, Author, Source, License. Title - What is the name of the material? If a title was provided for the material, include it. Sometimes a title is not provided; in that case, don’t worry about it. Author - Who owns the material? Name the author or authors of the material in question. Sometimes, the licensor may want you to give credit to some other entity, like a company or pseudonym. In rare cases, the licensor may not want to be attributed at all. In all of these cases, just do what they request. Source - Where can I find it? Since you somehow accessed the material, you know where to find it. Provide the source of the material so others can, too. Since we live in the age of the Internet, this is usually a URL or hyperlink where the material resides.
  • Images used in PLOS Blogs Network blog posts usually share the same license as the text. However, certain images within a blog post do not share the same license. Any image containing “All Rights Reserved” in their captions require permission from the copyright holder for any reuse of that image.
  • Details on Creative Commons licenses. For more information on rules and responsibilities go to


Creative Commons License
The Community Guidelines by PLOS Blogs Network, unless otherwise expressly stated, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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