Acid violence – a most horrific form of denigration of women

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Jocalyn Clark urges the global health community to press for high level change in legislation regarding acid violence.

At a recent social function benefiting the Acid Survivors Foundation, I learned about an insidious worldwide problem that barely figures on …

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3 Citizen Science Projects You Can Do on Earth Day

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It’s Earth Day! Celebrate the planet we live on with these amazing environmental citizen science projects!

The Earth Day Network records that in 1970 the average American was funneling leaded gas through massive V8 engine blocks, and industry was exhausting …

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What can you do with that PhD?: FAQs about non-academic jobs

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As the school year winds to a close, another class of students nears graduation and will be asked the inevitable question: “So, what’s next?” This year, I’m one of those students, and like 61% of STEM PhDs, I’m leaving …

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Say Hello to the Nation’s T-rex

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“Anyone here doesn’t like T-rex?”

No hands were raised, but the packed auditorium welcomed Jack Horner with laughter and enthusiasm. The paleontologist climbed into the Smithsonian stage, and with flailing arms declared: “I’m going to talk about a very special …

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Public Health Perspectives: Guest Post Policy

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Since we launched Public Health Perspectives, we’ve published several guest posts. We’re big fans of them – they’ve provided diverse and different perspectives on issues, and have been able to provide insight on issues we haven’t covered. The response from …

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A call for revolution in US science, dino microbes in space, vaginas in the lab

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US science is in a fix, so let’s fix it

“It’s as if the Pope and three leading cardinals held a press conference predicting the collapse of the Catholic church. These people know what they are talking about and …

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Lessons that Last: 200 Pearls and Counting

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PLOS Pathogens Pearls Editor Joseph Heitman reflects on the success of Pearls, an Open Access compendium of the “lessons that last”, and introduces the new Flipboard collection.

The PLOS Pathogens Pearls mini-review series publishes concise reviews (less than 1500 words and a …

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Beating the Odds: Are Goats Better Gamers than Sheep?

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We’re all familiar with the shell game, though many may not recognize it by that name. Popular with street swindlers and sports fans at halftime, it has been annoying those unable to locate which cup the ball is under—most …

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Your germy digital footprints are everywhere. Scientists are watching.

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Looked up something on Wikipedia lately? That may be enough for a computer to guess if you’re sick. According to a new study in PLOS Computational Biology, the most accurate, timely data about how the flu is spreading in the …

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Bony body tube for a bizarre marine reptile

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Prehistoric marine reptiles were a weird lot, especially in light of their lizard-like ancestors on land. You take something that roughly looks like an iguana, and evolve it into the shape of a dolphin (icthyosaurs), or evolve it …

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