On the Air With Skeptically Speaking

For more than you ever wanted to know about how new drugs are protected by market and data exclusivity – and what this means for brand-name drug makers, generic manufacturers, and the consumer …

Here is a radio interview I did with the excellent Skeptically Speaking. The show aired on Friday, February 11, and is available online.

My segment begins at about 30 minutes in, and is about 30 minutes long (as I said, more than you ever wanted to know).

Really, this piece barely scratches at the surface of the true nature of market-driven healthcare and the broad role that legislation plays in drug development. Do these legislative measures really spur innovation, or simply increase profits, or both? One thing is for sure, the more we know about how drug development works, the better equipped we are to make decisions, hold views, and, perhaps, impact change, if change is needed.

Thank you to the fantastic people at Skeptically Speaking for this opportunity.

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One Response to On the Air With Skeptically Speaking

  1. K.O. Myers says:

    Thanks very much for appearing. It was great to have you on!