Nature’s Tricks: New Biomimicry Column

For the last two months, esteemed science writer–and friend–Christopher Mims has been writing a column called Nature’s Tricks for BBC Future. The column is about biomimicry and how nature can inspire solutions to all sorts of human problems. For instance, Christopher wrote about how bacterial foraging algorithms can help alleviate traffic congestion and what the Department of Defense can learn from the octopus.

But now, sadly, Christopher’s reign over at Nature’s Tricks is ending. The good news, I suppose, is that I’m taking over. Starting today, I’ll have a new column up every two weeks. Check out my first one–about how cuttlefish have inspired new color-changing materials.

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2 Responses to Nature’s Tricks: New Biomimicry Column

  1. June says:

    Great article! I am also a student of nature and firmly believe that nature can teach us how to live more responsibly.

    Please check out my nature inspired musings at

    Looking forward to more posts!

  2. Biomimicry holds so much promise for sustainable development. Nothing fascinates me more than inspired by nature design.