Always Check Your Beer for Rattlesnakes

Just a quickie today. I recently came across this 100-year-old story about four Iowa men who died after drinking from beer from a keg harboring a dead rattlesnake. Given my past history of covering all things alcoholic and reptilian, I couldn’t, in good conscience, resist passing this along.

Four young men living in Cerro Gordo county, near the Minnesota line, purchased and drank a keg of Eastern-brewed beer some days ago, and as a result three of them have died and the fourth is now in terrible agony, and is reported to be on the point of death.

The day was warm and the beer was consumed hurriedly by the friends, who little realized that they were sipping a death-dealing draught. They were all taken sick immediately, and although a physician was soon summoned, the taking off of three of the young bibbers could not be prevented.

To ascertain, if possible, the strange cause of the sickness, the keg was broken into and the decomposed remains of a genuine rattlesnake was found.

For more, continue reading here.

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