Small Wonders: Aug. 29, 2011

In this edition: racism and mental illness, a former president’s veganism, and sleeping ostriches.

* Upbringing influences behavior. Plant behavior.

* Are extreme racists mentally ill?

* How butterfly wings could help fight crime.

* The trouble with twin studies.

* Holy chicken fried steak! President Bill Clinton is a vegan.

* Two great pieces on pseudoscience in media coverage of the London riots.

* What scientists can learn from studying “sightings” of mysterious monsters, from Nessie to Yeti.

* The BBC commissions an independent review of its science coverage.

* “Why the CIA’s decision to use a fake vaccination program in the hunt for Osama Bin Laden … is such an appallingly, idiotically bad idea.”

* Never lose again: the psychology of Rock, Paper, Scissors.

* Convinced your body is made entirely of glass? You may be suffering from the glass delusion.

* Imaging the brain from deep within the uncanny valley.

* All you ever wanted to know about ostrich sleep.

* Why the “common sense” objection dogs sociology.

* Carl Zimmer’s belly button plays host to a wonderland of life.

* An app for doctors is loaded with drug ads.

* Inside China’s horrific tiger trade.

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