Small Wonders: Dec. 10, 2010

Small Wonders is back! In this week’s edition: cherry-colored bees, how to beat a lie detector brain scan, and a museum devoted to epilepsy.

* So, about that whole “New Arsenic-loving Life Form!” thing…Well, don’t get too excited just yet.

* What happens when bees starting feeding at the local maraschino cherry factory?

* Scientist Gregory Petsko makes a plea for universities not to cut their arts & humanities programs.

*Medical group says parents allowed to deliberately stunt a disabled child’s growth.

* You never know when you might need to fool a lie detector brain scan.

* Attention members of heterosexual couples:  Would you rather your partner had a heterosexual or homosexual affair?

* Living at the edge of a rising sea in Norfolk, Virginia.

* Neurophilia goes too far.

* Oh, will the wonders of green fluourescent protein (GFP) never cease? Apparently, the glowing molecule may help identify cancer.

* Headed to Germany? Check out the Epilepsy Museum.

Image: 1. Wikimedia/JayKeaton

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