Small Wonders: Nov. 19, 2010

In this week’s edition: bacteria that do sudoku, the Ikea Effect, and bioengineering better astronauts.

* Brian Switek is sick to death of seeing naked dinosaurs. (To be fair, Donald Duck doesn’t wear pants, either.)

* This Japanese vending machine knows what you want to drink before you do.

* The gown ties in the back, Mr. President.

* Frank Swain writes about bacteria that can solve sudoku.

* Jonah Lehrer on the Ikea Effect and why you should make your own dinner.

* “Hi, I secretly write your students’ essays.”

* Cassandra Willyard snaps adorable photos of an embryonic moss piglet and a baby sea urchin.

* Craig Venter wants NASA to bioengineer better astronauts.

* Speaking of the right stuff: What does it take to become the first robot astronaut?

*Slate has a fascinating slideshow about the lifespans of various species.

* How getting a gastric bypass can influence the birth weight of a woman’s future children.

* Can a non-social animal–in particular, a red footed tortoise–follow an eyegaze?

* How to win elections by changing a belief in god.

Image: Wikimedia/Conty

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