Small Wonders: Nov. 12, 2010

In this week’s edition: a vending machine that sells live crabs, flatworm penis fencing, and a journalist embedded with neuroscientists.

* I hope that “Dumb Science News Headlines of the Week” becomes a regular feature.

* Stephen Colbert discusses Chinese vending machines that sell live crabs.

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* Speaking of crabs: Wondering whether you have an STD? There’s an app for that.

* Searching for patterns in catastrophic sports injuries.

* The HIV babies of the early ’90s come of age:

* How did I not know about flatworm penis fencing?

* Can we teach our kids “proactive empathy” with babies?

* Ben Goldacre issues forth on the perils of neuro-realism.

* What does Breast Cancer Awareness month really accomplish?

* Forget Iraq. This journalist is embedded among an army of neuroscientists.

* Cerebrum lists the best books about the brain.

* Meet the doctor responsible for organizing medical care for the marathon-ing hordes.

* While others in her generation become People 2.0, Zadie Smith embraces being Person 1.0.

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One Response to Small Wonders: Nov. 12, 2010

  1. mangrist says:

    A friend told me about the Jaron Lanier book months ago and I’m keen to read it. I think some of the disappointments with the interwebs he articulates are reminiscent of some of the disappointments of the human genome, e.g., the bubble-era exaltation of technologies/applications that turn out to be more complicated than anyone thought.