Small Wonders: Oct. 29, 2010

In this week’s edition: an elephant custody battle, candy scholarship, and a choir of electric fish.

* Steve Silberman provides insights into a “minority within a minority:” Aspergirls

* As rising sea levels swallow an island, its last house sinks into the ocean.

* Which adjectives get modified by which expletives? A graphical guide by xkcd.

* A custody battle erupts–over an elephant.

* A great new blog, The Open Notebook, explores the stories behind the science stories.

* Just in time for Halloween, the New York Times helps me discover a great new blog: The Candy Professor.

* Matchmaking site pairs those with industrial waste with those who might be able to use it.

* Yes, but are they rent-controlled? Scientists build condos for penguins.

* Lots of great photos this week.

* The physics of one father’s life, in pictures.

* New York Times ombudsman discusses the difficulties of covering science in newspapers, where no footnotes are allowed.

* John Allen Paulos explores the differences between the storytelling culture and the statistical one.

* Electric fish join the choir.

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