Small Wonders: Oct. 8, 2010

In this week’s edition: racist board games, sabotage in the lab, and turtle egg theft.

* You think you know why giraffes have long necks? You don’t. Actually, no one does.

* These macro photos of insects are absolutely stunning.

* Sharon Begley explains why being pro-family means being pro-masturbation. Really!

* Want some good, clean family fun? Try racism: the board game.

* It was a dark and stormy night, and a scientific saboteur was on the prowl.

* What to do when medical images taken as part of a scientific study reveal an unrelated health problem?

* Why we shouldn’t stress about allowing controlled harvesting of endangered turtle eggs.

* What was eating really like before fast food restaurants? Not what you think.  (“That food should be fresh and natural has become an article of faith. It comes as something of a shock to realize that this is a latter-day creed.”)

* One-third of mammals we think are extinct may actually be alive.

* Pets influence child development.

* Learn about the anthropology of hackers.

* The fine fellows over at Neuroanthropology have a great interview with Cordelia Fine, author of Delusions of Gender.

* Best. Source. Ever! 78 different New York Times reporters have now quoted “Pop Psychology” Professor Robert J. Thompson. See the amazing range of stories in which his insight appears.

Image: Wikimedia/Sklmsta

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6 Responses to Small Wonders: Oct. 8, 2010

  1. daniel.lende says:

    Thanks for the mention! And all the other wondrous links.

  2. I usually hate roundups, but I loved this one. You should start a mailing list. Seriously! Use MailChimp or something like it, so you can control the list itself. (Feedburner’s list function doesn’t let you see who is actually signed up.)

  3. Khalil A. says:

    Super cool roundup. Ok, off to reading now.

  4. Janet Greenblatt says:

    Love this blog! You’re doing a great job.

  5. Daysia says:

    Was taotlly stuck until I read this, now back up and running.