Hey, Who Moved My Kibble?

Over at Statistically Significant Science, there’s a fascinating post about hemispatial neglect. The condition, which is often the result of a stroke, leads people to utterly ignore one side of the visual world. In a classic example, a man with hemispatial neglect on his left side may get up every morning and only shave the right side of his face. (If you then asked him if he’d shaved his whole face, he’d say that he had. Though his eyes work fine, it’s as though his brain has no awareness that the left side of his face–or the world–exists.)

In any case, check out this intriguing description of potential hemispatial neglect … in a dog.

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2 Responses to Hey, Who Moved My Kibble?

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  2. Adele D'Ari says:

    My two favorite subjects as well. I read all your entries today through Wonderland. Great night time reading since I don’t have a boss and can’t make a living looking at a computer. I look forward to many more.