Covering Alternative Energy–Now at CJR

Alex Jones of the Shorenstein Center, Beth Daley of The Boston Globe, Elisabeth Rosenthal of The New York Times, and Henry Lee of the Belfer Center

Two recent panel discussions put on by the Harvard Kennedy School of Government looked at mainstream media coverage of energy issues–specifically wind power and electric cars. My post-game write-up is up at The Observatory, Columbia Journalism Review’s science desk. Here’s a teaser. Hop over there to read the rest!

Is today’s media up to the task of covering renewable energy issues? That was the broad topic explored during two panel discussions held in February at the Harvard Kennedy School’s “Clean Energy and the Media” series. And despite the solid work the four journalists who spoke are producing, it feels like the answer is leaning toward no. Budget cuts, ever-shrinking story lengths, and a fundamental disconnect between what makes a good story and what makes a well-informed public are the three main obstacles.

The next third panel in the series, “The Politics of Nuclear Power: Media Coverage and Public Conflict,” takes place on March 23.

Photo credit: Belfer Center, Harvard Kennedy School

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